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The Rudolph Factor: Finding the Bright Lights that Drive Innovation in Your Business

The Rudolph Factor: Finding the Bright Lights that Drive Innovation in Your Business

Cyndi Laurin, Craig Morningstar

ISBN: 978-0-470-49857-6 May 2009 192 Pages




The bestselling author of Catch! shares the innovation secrets that helped Boeing turn itself around from the brink of collapse

The Rudolph Factor tells the story of Boeing's spectacular turnaround through a discussion of principles and qualities that are transferable and replicable to any size or type of organization in any industry. Authors Cyndi Laurin and Craig Morningstar use the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer as an analogy to explore a corporate culture that managed to avoid disaster through progressive leadership; a highly participatory team-based culture; the development of an organizational constitution; and an alternative, aligned employee rewards structure. Using real-world lessons from Boeing's inspiring story, The Rudolph Factor shows companies how to nurture a culture centered around their "Rudolphs"–those out-of-the-box, creative employees who can serve as shining lights to lead organizations in accomplishing their goals. Applicable to anyone who runs a business of any size, this book shows readers how to find, nurture, and leverage the creativity of its employees to achieve a long-term competitive advantage.

Acknowledgments ix

Foreword E. David Spong xi

Foreword David M. Bowman xv

Preface xix

CHAPTER 1 The Prevailing Form of Business Cultures 1

CHAPTER 2 The Boeing Company and the Impetus for a Cultural Revolution 25

CHAPTER 3 Why Rudolph, You Ask? 41

CHAPTER 4 Nurturing Rudolphs to Maximize Their Innovative Contributions 59

CHAPTER 5 Establishing a Team-Based Rudolph Culture 77

CHAPTER 6 Redefining Leadership 107

CHAPTER 7 Developing a Corporate Constitution 121

CHAPTER 8 Creating an Alternative and Aligned Reward Structure 143

Epilogue Go Forth—Awaken the Rudolph Within 161

Resources 167

Index 169

About the Authors 181