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The Savage Truth on Money, 2nd Edition


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The Savage Truth on Money, 2nd Edition

Terry Savage

ISBN: 978-0-470-92416-7 June 2011 368 Pages


The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth on money

If you are overwhelmed by money decisions?and in today's post-crisis economy, who isn't??Terry Savage can help. In The Savage Truth, Second Edition, she takes the fear out of financial decision-making and makes sound financial decisions something that you simply do, rather than something that you stress about. Most importantly, Savage shows you how to gain control over your financial future, setting you free to truly enjoy the present.

  • Details money basics, such as investing, retirement plans, life insurance, college savings, estate planning, and coping with debt
  • Provides methods to keep you on track to reach your long-term goals of financial independence
  • Describes technology you can use to improve your financial decision-making

The truth is if it were easy to make, save, and grow money, everyone would be rich. It isn't easy. But, The Savage Truth on Money, Second Edition makes it a lot easier.


1 The Savage Truth on Getting Rich.

Financial Security Demands Smart Choices. 

2 The Savage Truth on Money Management.

Knowledge Is Power.

3 The Savage Truth on Spending and Debt.

You Can Control Your Cash Flow. 

4 The Savage Truth on Chicken Money.

Nest Eggs Need Some Safety.

5 The Savage Truth on the Stock Market.

It's Less Risky Than You Think.

6 The Savage Truth on Investment Choices.

Balancing Made Easy.

7 The Savage Truth on Annuities.

Risks an Reqards. 

8 The Savage Truth on Life Insurance... and More.

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late.

9 The Savage Truth on Protecting Your Assets.

Your Home, Your Auto, Your Wealth. 

10 The Savage Truth on Paying for College.

Make This Investment Carefully.

11 The Savage Truth on Women and Money.

We Live Longer, We Need More.

12 The Savage Truth on Investing for Retirement.

Start Now—It's Never Too Late.

13 The Savage Truth on Getting To—and Through—Retirement.

Time is On Your Side.

14 The Savage Truth on Long-Term Care Insurance.

Insure Your Retirement Lifestyle.

15 The Savage Truth on Wills and Estates.

It Pays to Plan While You Can.

Conclusion . . . and Beginning.