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The Scared Child: Helping Kids Overcome Traumatic Events

The Scared Child: Helping Kids Overcome Traumatic Events

Barbara Brooks, Paula M. Siegel

ISBN: 978-0-471-08284-2

Sep 1996

176 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Is your child afraid?

There are many traumatic experiences that cause a child to become scared--from divorce to the death of a loved one, from natural disasters to abuse. Even a disturbing news event that a child only sees on television or hears about but does not experience, such as the Oklahoma City bombing or the classroom massacre in Scotland, can make a child fearful or sad. No matter what causes the situation, childhood trauma is common and should be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Dr. Barbara Brooks, a psychologist who has successfully helped kids through all types of traumatic situations, provides you with the knowledge you need to put the child you love back on the path to a full and happy life. Kids don't always know how to react to feelings of distress. If these scared feelings are not expressed in a positive way, they can surface later in life when dealing with them becomes more difficult.

Here are detailed instructions, based on professional techniques, to encourage kids of any age--from toddler to teenager--to reveal their feelings through words, drawings, and role playing with step-by-step advice for reassuring them and helping them let go of their fear.

Trauma: An Overview.

The Effects of Trauma.

Recognizing Signs of Posttraumic Stress in Children.

Debriefing: A Four Step Method for Helping a Child Through a Traumatic Experience.


Death: Coping With Loss.

Abuse: The Ultimate Betrayal.

Natural Disasters: Shared Devastation.

Divorce: When Parents Cause the Pain.

Illness and Injury: Coping with the Unexpected.

Trauma by Proxy: Too Close for Comfort.