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The Schema Therapy Workbook

The Schema Therapy Workbook

Joan M. Farrell, Eelco Muste, Ida A. Shaw

ISBN: 978-1-119-43854-0

Dec 2019, Wiley-Blackwell

136 pages

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The Schema Therapy Workbook is designed to support and help clients who are undergoing Schema Therapy in individual, group or integrated settings. Carefully designed and illustrated, it provides an easy-to-understand summary of what schema therapy (ST) is and how it works as a therapeutic intervention, and helps readers to understand the how they must engage with the process for maximum effectiveness. In clear and simple language the authors explain how problems can relate to different “modes” being triggered when particular “schemas” are activated, and how “maladaptive schemas” can develop if a person’s core needs are not met in childhood. Readers then learn to identify and recognize their own modes, come to understand how these can interfere with having their needs met today, and see how they can make healthier choices for themselves and others around them. Running case studies mirror the process of therapy while reassuring readers that they are not ‘doing it wrong’, and exercises help them to practice and maintain positive change in their lives. The central aims are understanding and engagement. Accordingly, schema therapists in all settings are likely to value a straightforward guide that they can give to clients, in order to serve as a shared base for collaboration and progress.