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The Science of Intimate Relationships, 2nd Edition

The Science of Intimate Relationships, 2nd Edition

Garth J. O. Fletcher, Jeffry A. Simpson, Lorne Campbell, Nickola C. Overall

ISBN: 978-1-119-43009-4

Sep 2019, Wiley-Blackwell

450 pages

Select type: E-Book


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The Science of Intimate Relationships is the first textbook to present an interdisciplinary and theoretically coherent approach to the latest scientific findings relating to human sexual relationships. Written by recognized leaders in the field in a style that is rigorous yet accessible, it looks beyond the core knowledge in social and evolutionary psychology to incorporate material and perspectives from cognitive science (including brain-imaging studies), developmental psychology, anthropology, comparative psychology, clinical psychology, genetic research, sociology, and biology. It is intended for students around the world at advanced undergraduate and graduate levels. Updated throughout, the Second Edition features two new chapters on ‘Relationships and Health’ and ‘Friends and Family’, and further chapters have been streamlined and restructured in order to make them more attractive, accessible and useful. 

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Part 1: Introduction


  1. The Science of Intimate Relationships
  2. Intimate relationships in Context: Key theories, Concepts, and Human Nature.


Part 2: The Relationship Animal


  1. The relationship mind
  2. The relationship body


Part 3: Beginning Relationships: Families, Attachment, and Mate Selection


  1. Born to Bond: From infancy to adulthood
  2. Selecting mates
  3. Families and friends


Part 4: Maintaining Relationships: The Psychology of Intimacy


  1. Love and intimacy
  2. Reading minds, partners, and relationships
  3. Communication and interaction
  4. Sex and passion


Part 5: Relationship Dissolution, Violence, and Health


  1. Relationship Dissolution
  2. Relationships and Health
  3. Relationship Violence



Conclusion: Assembling the Relationship Jigsaw