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The Second Messenger Cyclic Di-GMP

The Second Messenger Cyclic Di-GMP

Alan J. Wolfe, Karen L. Visick

ISBN: 978-1-555-81499-1

Jan 2014

356 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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In recent years, researchers have discovered a completely new type of signaling mechanism based on c-di-GMP (also known as bis-(3',5')-cyclic diguanylic acid or cyclic diguanylate). This newly recognized second messenger is strongly associated with the transition between the motile and sessile states of many bacteria. The near universality of this second messenger combined with the biomedical relevance and commercial importance of biofilms has generated a lot of interest in the emerging field that has arisen around c-di-GMP. This is the first book to sufficiently cover all angles of this rapidly developing field and  provide a comprehensive overview.