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The Secret of Shelter Island: Money and What Matters

The Secret of Shelter Island: Money and What Matters

Alexander Green

ISBN: 978-0-470-59820-7

Jun 2010

288 pages

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How to lead a "rich" life during trying economic times

In The Secret of Shelter Island, nationally renowned financial analyst and bestselling author Alexander Green explores the complicated relationship we all have with money and reveals the road map to a rich life.

Drawing on some of today's best minds and many of history's greatest thinkers, The Secret of Shelter Island is both a much-needed source of inspiration and an insightful look at the role of both money and values in the pursuit of the good life.

  • Addresses what really matters when it comes to money and how to make smarter decisions with what you have
  • Describes the profound connection between money, character, personal philosophy, and outlook
  • Other bestselling titles by Green: The Gone Fishin' Portfolio

If you want to understand what ultimately provides meaning, contentment, and the satisfaction of a life well-lived, then read The Secret of Shelter Island.




Part One. A Rich Mind.

Are you Suffering From Affluenza?

Why Money Won’t Get You to “Level Three”.

The Great Mystery.

The Decent Drapery of Life.

The Difference Between Getting Rich and Being Rich.

The Key to Perfect Freedom.

The Secret of Inspirational Leadership.

Are You One of the 4 Percent?

Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life.

The Value of Being Utterly, Gloriously Wrong.

Advice From a 2000-Year-Old Slave.

The Hardest Victory.

In Praise of Difficult Pleasures.

The True Gentleman.

Beyond Self-Actualization.

The Last Lesson of Culture.

Wealth That Can’t Be Tallied.

Stumbling on Happiness.

The True Meaning of Success.

Part Two. What Matters Most.

What’s on Your Bucket List?

How to Calculate Your Real Wealth.

The Most Valuable Thing You Own.

The Biggest Question.

Dreams with Deadlines.

The Most Beautiful Place on Earth?

How to Avoid “The Mañana Syndrome”.

Gentlemen, Stop Your Engines!

Enjoy Every Sandwich.

The Best Spiritual Advice.

Can a Mozart Violin Sonata Change Life?

How to Transform Your Life.

Six Steps to a More Relaxed Life.

One of the Best Secrets of Life.

This View of Life.

Why I Hope Steve Jobs Is Wrong.

A Resolution Worth Keeping.

A Thorn with Every Rose.

The Best Way Out.

Part Three. Attitudes and Gratitude.

What Mattes Most.

The Last Human Freedom.

Why You Should Think Before You “Blink”.

The Most Stupid of Vices.

The Psychology of Optimal Experience.

The Courage of Randy Pausch.

Are You Ready for the 21-Day Challenge?

No Such Thing as a Bad Day.

The Antidote for Greed.

The Greatest Virtue … and the First.

Who’s Your City?

The Healing of Karen Armstrong.

The Cheapest Medicine … and the Best.

The Science of Giving.

Are You Keeping the Embers Alive?

Part Four. The Search for Meaning.

Discovering the Laws of Life.

The Sage of Monticello.

The Wolf in Monk’s Robes.

From Grand Truths to Grand Caverns.

The Great Disconnect.

The Atheist and the Apologist.

Guideposts on the Footpath to Peace.

Two Great Thinkers on “The Good Life”.

The Formula for Re-Enchantment.

In  Praise of Lifelong Learning.

The Mysterium Tremendum … and You.

My Kind of Martyr.

Finding Meaning in an Age of Doubt.

Renewing a Forgotten Virtue.

The Secret of Shelter Island.



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