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The Shaping School Culture Fieldbook

The Shaping School Culture Fieldbook

Kent D. Peterson, Terrence E. Deal

ISBN: 978-0-787-96526-6

Sep 2002, Jossey-Bass

160 pages

Select type: E-Book



The Shaping School Culture Fieldbook provides a variety of sources of information, inspiration, and suggestions and includes more than forty field-tested exercises. Each chapter begins with a discussion of the features of culture and the symbolic roles of leaders and is followed by a set of examples that clearly illustrate the ideas. The book is filled with activities. Many are specifically designed as group activities with suggestions for how to organize the session, while others are meant to stimulate reflection and are often posed as questions. Most of the activities are designed be to used in a group setting and the questions provided in the chapters can become topics for dialogue or group brainstorming. This wonderful resource will help school leaders learn how to understand, assess, and transform their school culture for ongoing success.

The Authors.

1. Introduction and Organization of the Fieldbook.

PART ONE: Understanding School Culture.

2. The Importance of Culture.

3. Vision and Values: The Bedrock of Culture.

4. Ritual and Ceremony: Culture in Action.

5. History and Stories: The Importance of the Past.

6. Architecture, Artifacts, and Symbols: The Visual Scene.

PART TWO: Shaping School Culture.

7. Assessing and Transforming Toxic Cultures.

8. Eight Roles of Symbolic Leaders.