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The Small College Dean: New Directions for Student Services, Number 116

The Small College Dean: New Directions for Student Services, Number 116

Sarah B. Westfall (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-787-99580-5

Jan 2007, Jossey-Bass

96 pages

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This volume speaks to the work of deans at small colleges by:
  • addressing the history and diversity of small colleges and the role of the dean
  • describing the realities of organizing and staffing a student affairs division at a small college
  • identifying the differences between the role of vice president and the role of dean in small colleges
  • providing examples of effective academic affairs and student affiars partnerships in small college settings
  • thoroughly examining the rewards and challenges of being a senior student affairs officer at a small college

Along with providing a focus on the work of senior student affairs officers in small colleges, this volume gives useful information to those interested in working in a small college environment. The Small College Dean was created, in part, to fill the considerable gap in literature concerning this subject matter, and the hope is that this volume will spur further research on the experience of student affairs professionals in small college settings.

This is the 116th volume of New Directions for Student Services, a quarterly journal published by Jossey-Bass.

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EDITOR’S NOTES (Sarah B. Westfall).

1. Charting the Territory: The Small College Dean (Sarah B. Westfall)
Why study the small college dean? This chapter provides the answers.

2. The Student Affairs Portfolio in Small Colleges (Debbie E. Heida)
This chapter describes many of the typical functional responsibilities of the small college dean, including four organizational models for small college divisions of student affairs.

3. Student Affairs Staffing in the Small College (Douglas A. Oblander)
This chapter describes the realities of recruiting, retaining, and working in a small college student affairs division, with perspectives on the experiences of early-, mid-, and senior-level practitioners.

4. Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students: Is It Possible to Do It All? (Janet Heeter Bass)
The difference between the vice president’s role and the dean of students’ role in the small college is explored in this chapter.

5. Partners in a Community of Learners: Student and Academic Affairs at Small Colleges (Bruce W. Colwell)
This chapter provides a comprehensive look at the historical, structural, and political factors affecting this essential partnership, and highlights some models of effective collaboration.

6. The Future of the Small College Dean: Challenges and Opportunities (William J. Flanagan)
This chapter provides a careful consideration of the future of and for the small college dean, including issues that are likely to be central to deans in the future.