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The Snowboard Book: A Guide for All Boarders

The Snowboard Book: A Guide for All Boarders

Lowell Hart

ISBN: 978-0-393-31692-6

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192 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Snowboarding, the sport that has generated more excitement?nd caused more controversy?han any other since Alpine skiing was invented, gives new meaning to fun on the slopes. Learning to snowboard can be surprisingly easy?ith the right instruction. In this complete, fully illustrated guide, beginners gain the know-how to get started, from choosing the right board to becoming familiar with snowboard lingo (do you ride "goofy" or "regular"?) to transitioning from skis to board. Lowell Hart starts readers off on familiar terrainin the living roomwhere they practice key movements, the foundation of good riding at all skill levels. These are the moves that let riders tilt the board from front to back edge and carve the turns that only snowboards can scribe. From key moves Hart guides readers through first descents, stopping, first turns, connecting turns, side-slips, and garlands, all the while interjecting tips and predicting trouble spots before they trip up beginners. Then it's on to intermediate, advanced, and freestyle riding: basic halfpipe technique, terrain park tips, airborne spin tricks, rail slides, and even backcountry 'boarding. Featuring: * Ground School for Beginners * First Descents * Taming Tough Terrain * Mastering Powder * Freeriding & Freecarving * Freestyle & Halfpipe Tricks * Backcountry 'Boarding * Racing Tactics