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The Sociology of Culture: Emerging Theoretical Perspectives

The Sociology of Culture: Emerging Theoretical Perspectives

Diana Crane (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-557-86463-5

Jun 1994, Wiley-Blackwell

356 pages

Select type: Paperback

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In this fascinating collection of essays, the 'fissured terrain' of the Sociology of Culture is charted as never before. Covering a wide range of subjects and a diversity of approaches, this volume demonstrates how far contemporaray sociologists of culture have come in challenging the way that culture has been and is perceived within mainstream sociology.
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1. Introduction: The Challenge of the Sociology of Culture to Sociology as a Discipline: Diana Crane (University of Pennsylvania).

2. Culture and the Integration of National Societies: Michael Schudson (University of California, San Diego).

3. 'Cultural Pluralism' in Historical Sociology: Recent Theoretical Directions: Ewa Morawska and Willfried Spohn (University of Pennsylvania; University of Washington).

4. Fissured Terrain: Methodological Approaches and Research Styles in Culture and Politics: Mabel Berezin (University of Pennsylvania).

5. Cultural Theories of Organizational Behavior: The Social Construction of Rational Organizing Principles: Frank R. Dobbin (Princeton University).

6. Toward a Sociology of Material Culture: Science Studies, Cultural Studies and the Meanings of Things: Chandra Mukerji (University of California, San Diego).

7. Culture Studies Through the Production Perspective: Progress and Prospects: Richard A. Peterson (Vanderbilt University).

8. Cultural Production as 'Society in the Making': Architecture as an Exemplar of the Social Construction of Cultural Artifacts: David Brain (New College of the University of South Florida).

9. The Sociology of Cultural Reception: Notes Toward an Emergin Paradigm: Andrea Press (University of Michigan).

10. Methodological Dilemmas in the Sociology of Art: Anne Bowler (University of Delaware).

11. Cultural Conceptions of Human Motivation and Their Significance for Culture Theory: Steve Derne (SUNY-Genesco).



  • This is the first book to provide a map of a crucial, emerging area of contemporary sociology
  • The volume includes some outstanding and well-known contributors.