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The Sociology of Health and Illness, 3rd Edition

The Sociology of Health and Illness, 3rd Edition

Sarah Nettleton

ISBN: 978-0-745-69948-6 June 2015 Polity 344 Pages




Sarah Nettleton’s The Sociology of Health and Illness has become a cornerstone text, popular with students and academics alike for its rigorous and accessible overview of the field. Building on these strengths, the third edition integrates fresh insights from the current literature with the core tenets of traditional medical sociology, providing students with a thorough grounding in the sociology of health and illness.

The text covers a diversity of topics and draws on a wide range of analytic approaches, spanning issues such as the social construction of medical knowledge, the analysis of lay health beliefs, concepts of lifestyles and risk, the experience of illness and the sociology of the body. It also explores matters which are central to health policy, such as professional-patient relationships, health inequalities and the changing nature of health care work. Each chapter in the book has been revised and updated, with substantial new material in particular on the sociology of diagnosis, body work, and a whole new chapter on the sociology of health technology.

Written for students of the social sciences who opt to study the field of health and illness in greater depth, this book will also continue to appeal to students taking vocational degrees, such as nursing, who require a sociological grounding in the area. Thoroughly revised and fully updated, the third edition of Sarah Nettleton’s book will prove invaluable to anyone looking for a clear and engaging introduction to contemporary debates within the sociology of health and illness.

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Preface to First Edition
Preface to Second Edition
Preface to Third Edition
1 Introduction: The Changing Domains of the Sociology of Health and Illness
2 The Social Construction of Medical Knowledge
3 Lay Health Beliefs, Lifestyles and Risk
4 The Experience of Chronic Illness and Disability
5 The Sociology of the Body
6 The Sociology of LayÐProfessional Interactions
7 Social Inequalities and Health Status
8 Late Modernism and the Changing Social Relations of Formal Health Care Work
9 The Sociology of Innovative Health Technology
10 Sociological Analyses of Developments in UK Health Policy: A New Paradigm for Health Care?
- Whole new chapter on health technology, recognising the importance of this as an aspect of health and illness today
- Substantive new material on a range of topics such as the sociology of diagnosis, and body work
- Literature completely updated throughout

"Covers the topic from every angle."
Five star review in Nursing Standard

"This engaging and comprehensive textbook is the mainstay of our reading lists. It agilely appeals both to those familiar and unfamiliar with sociology. This third edition is therefore most welcome and the new material ensures contemporary resonance with the changing parameters of health and illness and the analyses required to understand them."
Sarah Cunningham-Burley, University of Edinburgh

"This new edition of Sarah Nettleton’s medical sociology textbook has several unique features allowing it to stand apart from its competitors. The chapter on the sociology of the body is simply the best account of this topic available in any textbook and the new chapter on innovative health technologies is an interesting and welcome addition. The book weaves theory, especially social constructionism, and empirical research together to provide a thorough account of medical sociology."
William C. Cockerham, University of Alabama at Birmingham

"Revised and updated for a third time, with a new chapter on health technologies, Nettleton’s The Sociology of Health and Illness remains a key textbook in the field for students and seasoned professionals alike."
Simon Williams, University of Warwick

  • Third edition of a best-selling textbook, written by a well-respected senior figure, which has become a standard resource
  • Completely updated throughout, with substantive new material on the sociology of diagnosis, body work, and a whole new chapter on health technology
  • Perfectly blends breadth and depth, offering comprehensive coverage in an accessible yet academically rigorous style.
  • Succeeds in meeting the requirements of broad range of readers, whether new to the subject area or with prior experience, including students of sociology, nursing, public health, and medicine