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The Sociology of Health and Illness Reader



The Sociology of Health and Illness Reader

Sarah Nettleton (Editor), Ulla Gustafsson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-745-62291-0 October 2002 Polity 384 Pages

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The Sociology of Health and Illness Reader brings together some of the best examples of recent sociological studies on health, illness and health care. The volume emphasizes the empirical nature of medical sociology and its relationship with the development of sociological theory. It thus presents an array of substantive topics viewed from a range of contemporary theoretical positions.

Reflecting the key areas of medical sociology, the chapters are organized into five sections: ‘Bodies’, ‘Health and Risk’, ‘Experiencing Illness’, ‘Social Patterning of Health and Illness’ and ‘Health Care Work’. Each area is introduced by the editors, who provide an overview of the topic and highlight key developments. Although the chapters cover a wide range of topics, they all deal with issues pertinent to health and illness in the twenty-first century, and draw upon broader sociological debates around notions of risk, reflexivity, flexibility, uncertainty and late modernity. The book includes an extensive introduction that provides the student with an orientation to the field.


Part I: Bodies:.


1. 'Reading The Body' Paul Atkinson.

2. The Power Of The Visible: The Meaning Of Diagnostic Tests In Chronic Back Pain' Lorna A. Rhodes, Carol A. Mcphillips-Tangum, Christine Markham And Rebecca Klenk.

3. 'Exchanging Spare Parts Or Becoming A New Person? People's Attitudes Toward Receiving And Donating Organs' Margareta A. Sanner.

4. 'Social And Ethical Aspects Of In Vitro Fertilization' Elizabeth Heitman.

5. 'Reproductive Genetics, Gender And The Body: 'Please Doctor, May I Have A Normal Baby?' Elizabeth Ettorre.

6.:'A Mirage Of Genes' Peter Conrad.

7.:'A Revenge On Modern Times.Notes On Traumatic Brain Injury' David Webb.

8.:'Contemporary Hospice Care: The Sequestration Of The Unbounded Body And Dirty Dying' Julia Lawton.

Part II: Health And Risk:.


9. 'The Rise Of Surveillance Medicine' David Armstrong.

10. 'Health Related Behavioural Change In Context: Young People In Transition' Stephen Pavis, Sarah Cunningham-Burley, And Amanda Amos.

11. 'Accidents And The Risk Society: Some Problems With Prevention' Judith Green.

12. 'Invisible Women? The Importance Of Gender In Lay Beliefs About Heart Problems' Carol Emslie, Kate Hunt And Graham Watt.

13. 'Beliefs And Accounts Of Illness: Views From Two Cantonese-Speaking Communities In England' Lindsay Prior, Pang Lai Chun And See Beng Huat.

Part III: Experiencing Illness:.


14. 'ME And The Medical Encounter' Lesley Cooper.

15. 'Parkinson's Disease As A Problem Of Shame In Public Appearance' Gerhard Nijhof.

16. 'From Biographical Disruption To Biographical Reinforcement: The Case Of HIV Positive Men' DaniSle Carricaburu Andjanine Pierret.

17. 'The Meaning Of Lumps: A Case Study Of The Ambiguities Of Risk' Sandra M.Gifford.

18. 'Pumping Iron: Compliance With Chelation Therapy Among Young People Who Have Thalassaemia' Karl Atkin, And Waqar I. U. Ahmad.

Part IV: Social Patterning Of Health And Illness:.


19. 'Socio-Economic Change And Inequalities In Men And Women's Health In The UK' Hilary Graham.

20. 'Ethnic Inequalities In Health: A Review Of UK Epidemiological Evidence' George Davey Smith, Nish Chaturvedi, Seeromanie Harding, James Nazroo And Rory Williams.

21. 'Area, Class And Health: Should We Be Focusing On Places Or People?' Sally Macintyre, Sheila Maciver, And Anne Soomans.

22. 'The Psycho-Social Perspective On Social Inequalities In Health' Jon Ivor Elstad..

Part V: Health Care Work:.


22. 'Medical Autonomy And The UK State 1975 - 2025' Stephen Harrison, S. And Waqar I.U. Ahmad.

23. 'Humour As Resistance To Professional Dominance In Community Mental Health Teams' Lesley Griffiths.

24. 'The State And Complementary Medicine: A Changing Relationship' Sarah Cant And Ursula Sharma.

25. 'Working On The Front-Line Risk Culture And Nursing In The New NH S' Ellen Annandale.

26. Your Life In Their Hands: Trust In The Medical Encounter' Deborah Lupton.


" This is a highly commendable and comprehensive text which explores professional, scientific and lay perspectives of health and illness. It will enhance understanding and interest for anyone pursuing studies in Sociology, Social Policy, Health Studies, Nursing, and the Allied Health Professions and Medicine." Jan Snowball, Oxford Brookes University
This comprehensive reader offers some of the best writing currently available on health and illness in contemporary society.

Edited by Sarah Nettleton, author of the best-selling The Sociology of Health and Illness textbook.

Provides up-to-date, empirical material as well as covering the major theoretical perspectives.

Includes an extensive introduction which provides the student with an orientation to the field.

Reflects the key areas of medical sociology: Bodies, Health and Risk, Experiencing Illness, Social Patterning of Health and Illness and Health Care Work.