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The Solar Generation: Childhood and Adolescence of Terrestrial Photovoltaics



The Solar Generation: Childhood and Adolescence of Terrestrial Photovoltaics

Philip R. Wolfe

ISBN: 978-1-119-42558-8 May 2018 Wiley-IEEE Press 424 Pages


The first book to address the early development of the photovoltaic industry, and the pioneering researchers and companies in the sector

Well before the end of this century, solar power will be the world's dominant power source. This book looks at the origins of this smart sustainable energy technology, tracing the pioneering years from its inception following the 1973 oil crisis to the end of the last millennium—just as the sector was poised for explosive growth. It focuses on the progress of the early terrestrial photovoltaic sector, often in the face of skepticism or apathy. It also covers the research and achievements of people and organizations within the PV business.

Written by a leader in the field with more than 40 years of experience and an international reputation in the sustainable energy industry, The Solar Generation: Childhood and Adolescence of Terrestrial Photovoltaics offers enlightening coverage on the terrestrial PV industry. The first part of this 3-volume set provides a historical backdrop to the technology and tracks the development of research, markets, prices, applications, policies, and more. Part II is called the ‘encyclopedia’ and features a Who’s Who of the most influential people and profiles of key companies, events, and developments. Finally, Part III is the reference section and comes complete with glossaries, bibliography, and an incredibly comprehensive index. This text also:

  • Addresses the early development of the PV sector from a global perspective
  • Focuses on a defined period, leaving scope for later follow-ups as the sector matures
  • Offers a study on the interactions between technology, policy, and market drivers

The Solar Generation is an ideal book for all professionals in the power and energy field from every corner of the globe.


Foreword ix

Part I: A Biography of Terrestrial Photovoltaics 1

1 Origins of Terrestrial Solar Power 3

2 What Is Photovoltaics? 9

3 Terrestrial Solar Applications 25

4 Photovoltaic Research 47

5 PV Business and Markets 77

6 Economics of Solar Generation 95

7 Solar Industry Participants 105

8 Geopolitics of the Early Solar Sector 115

9 The Next Generation 131

Part II: Encyclopedia – People, Organizations, Events 137

10 Who’s Who: Profiles of Early PV Pioneers 139

11 Profiles of Early PV Companies and Organizations 199

12 How: Research and Technology 271

13 Where: Geography and Politics 275

14 When: Conferences, Get-togethers, Prizes 289

Part III: Appendices – Dictionary, References, Glossary, and Indexes 305

A Acknowledgments and Reminiscences 307

B Cited References 311

C Bibliography: Books, Publications, and Websites 327

D Glossary, Units, Conversions, and Standards 333

E Index of Detailed Table of Contents 349

F Indexes of Figures, Images, and Tables 361

Index 369