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The Solid Waste Handbook: A Practical Guide

The Solid Waste Handbook: A Practical Guide

William D. Robinson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-87711-0 March 1986 811 Pages


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A comprehensive, single-source reference of current issues in solid waste management designed as an aid in decision-making and assessment of future trends. Covers public perceptions, legislation, regulation, planning and financing, and technologies and operation. Reviews the evolution of waste management since the passage of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976, amended in 1978, 1980 and 1984. Examines common and divergent public and private concerns, including an in-depth review of public perceptions and their effect on planning and implementation. Also includes a discussion of the inadequacies of most waste quantity and composition estimates, with techniques for adequate evaluation. Looks at the misunderstanding and controversy over source separation and issues in municipal resource recovery from the viewpoint of the private scrap process industry. Also includes an unprecedented examination of the problem of bulky waste logistics and its effect on current disposal practice, and case histories and the current status of energy recovery from industrial waste. With over 500 tables, graphs, and illustrations.

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Using the Handbook Who and How (W. Robinson).

Legislation and Regulations (W. Kovacs).

Public Perceptions and Commodity Relations (L. Chertoff).

The Feasibility Study (S. Russel).

Procurement and Construction Management (R. Brickner).

Waste Disposal/Resource Recovery Plant Costs (W. Robinson).

Financing Land Disposal and Resource Recovery Projects (W.Robinson).


Collection of Residential Solid Waste (H. Hickman, Jr.).

Transfer of Municipal Solid Waste (L. Schaper).

Source Separation and Citizen Recycling (R. Letcher).

Land Disposal (P. O'Leary).

Resource Recovery: Prepared Fuels Energy and Materials (D.Schlotthauer).

Resource Recovery: Mass Burn Energy (M. Dvirka).

Thermal Stack Emissions: Standards and Control (W. Niessen).

Marketing Resource Recovery Products (R. Boykin).

Energy from Industrial Solid Waste (W. Robinson).

Residential Commercial and Industrial Bulky Wastes, A DisposalStatus Report (W. Robinson).

Refuse Fuels in the Portland Cement Industry (D. Watson, etal.).

Biological Processes (D. Walter).


Federal Regulatory Issues (W. Kovacs).

State and Local Regulatory Issues (J. Reynolds).