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The Spain of the Catholic Monarchs 1474-1520

The Spain of the Catholic Monarchs 1474-1520

John Edwards

ISBN: 978-0-631-22143-2

Mar 2001, Wiley-Blackwell

340 pages

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This book provides a comprehensive and compelling history of the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella form the origins and upbringing of the two rulers, through the events and circumstances of their rule, to the consequences for the following generations.
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1. The War of the Castilian Succession.

2. The Consolidation of a Regime.

3. The New Inquisition.

4. The War for Granada.

5. Economy and Society.

6. Christians, Jews and Muslims.

7. Spain in Europe.

8. Cultural Life: Spain and the Renaissance.

9. Crisis, Death and Legacy.


Bibliographical Essay.


"Highly informative and clearly written, this title will appeal to general readers and students and scholars of early modern Spanish and European history." CHOICE <!--end-->