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The Spinning Blackboard and Other Dynamic Experiments on Force and Motion



The Spinning Blackboard and Other Dynamic Experiments on Force and Motion

Paul Doherty, Don Rathjen, The Exploratorium Teacher Institute

ISBN: 978-0-471-11514-4 April 1996 128 Pages


Bring the fun of a world-famous science museum into your own classroom or home!


"Clear, concise, and visual--the best assortment of wonder- filled ideas I have seen. A must-have."
--Paul Hewitt, author of Conceptual Physics

"Almost as much fun as exploring the Exploratorium, which, of course, is a googolplex of fun."
--Jearl Walker, author of The Flying Circus of Physics, with Answers

Now you can do your own version of 23 Exploratorium experiments on force and motion. All you need is a little curiosity, a few simple materials . . . and this book. Each experiment is easy to do, fully illustrated, and loaded with advice, ideas, helpful hints, and electrifying discoveries.

Build a pendulum that swings in intriguing patterns. Create a swirling, spiraling "tornado" of water. Through these and other projects in The Spinning Blackboard, you can learn the science behind the principles of force and motion.

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What This Book Is About.

Balancing Ball.

Balancing Stick.

Bernoulli Levitator.

Bicycle Wheel Gyro.

Bubble Suspension.

Bubble Tray.

Center of Gravity.

Coupled Resonant Pendulums.

Descartes' Diver.

Downhill Race.

Drawing Board.

Falling Feather.

Momentum Machine.

Nonround Rollers.

Resonant Pendulum.

Resonant Rings.


Soap Bubbles.

Spinning Blackboard.

Strange Attractor.

Take It from the Top.


Water Spinner.