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The Stanley Fish Reader

The Stanley Fish Reader

H. A. Veeser (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-20438-1 January 1999 Wiley-Blackwell 312 Pages


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The Stanley Fish Reader assembles for the first time the best work of this brightest intellectual light.


1. Not so much a Teaching as an Intangling: Headnote by Joan S. Bennett.

2. Is There a Text in this Class? Headnote by Gerald Graff.

3. With the Compliments of the Author: Reflections on Austin and Derrida: Headnote by Stephen D. Moore.

4. Consequences: Headnote by Geoffrey Galt Harpham.

5. Rhetoric: Headnote by Stephen Mailloux.

6. There's no Such Thing as Free Speech: Headnote by Judith Butler.

7. The Law Wishes to Have a Formal Existence: Headnote by Judith Roof.

8. The Young and the Restless: Headnote by Jonathan Goldberg.

9. Why Literary Criticism is Like Virtue: Headnote by Rick Perlstein.

10. No Bias, No Merit: The Case Against Blind Submission: Headnote by Amitava Kumar.

11. Anti-Professionalism: Headnote by Bruce Robbins.


"Should you read The Stanley Fish Reader? Absolutely. With care and caring. . . . Read the book."


  • Assembles for the first time the best work of Stanley Fish
  • Includes essays on Milton, the English Renaissance, law and literature, speech-act theory, Shakespeare amongst others
  • Also includes headnotes written by specialists in the field.