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The Strategic Health Care Manager

The Strategic Health Care Manager

George H. Stevens

ISBN: 978-0-470-63118-8

Apr 1991, Jossey-Bass

296 pages

Select type: Paperback

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In The Strategic Health Care Manager, George H. Stevens reveals how rising competition, widespread cost control measures, and other trends have profoundly changed the way health care is delivered and managed - and have led to new responsibilities, roles and performance expectations for health care managers. To help managers meet these new challenges and opportunities, Stevens describes a specific set of skills for managerial success in health care - including strategic planning, communication, team building, and monitoring and improving performance. And he explains how managers can move beyond the limited roles of clinical expert and administrative caretaker to become proactive, progressive, and visionary leaders in a changing health care market. This book offers proven, practical resources — including tools for evaluating leadership skills, assessing communication effectiveness, and tracking staff development — designed to help managers promote excellence in their departments and become agents of change in their organizations.