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The Stratosphere: Dynamics, Transport, and Chemistry

The Stratosphere: Dynamics, Transport, and Chemistry

L. M. Polvani (Editor) , A. H. Sobel (Editor) , D. W. Waugh (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-67230-3

Jun 2013, American Geophysical Union

196 pages



Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 190.

The Stratosphere: Dynamics, Transport, and Chemistry
is the first volume in 20 years that offers a comprehensive review of the Earth's stratosphere, increasingly recognized as an important component of the climate system. The volume addresses key advances in our understanding of the stratospheric circulation and transport and summarizes the last two decades of research to provide a concise yet comprehensive overview of the state of the field.
This monograph reviews many important aspects of the dynamics, transport, and chemistry of the stratosphere by some of the world's leading experts, including up-to-date discussions of
  • Dynamics of stratospheric polar vortices
  • Chemistry and dynamics of the ozone hole
  • Role of solar variability in the stratosphere
  • Effect of gravity waves in the stratosphere
  • Importance of atmospheric annular modes

This volume will be of interest to graduate students and scientists who wish to learn more about the stratosphere. It will also be useful to atmospheric science departments as a textbook for classes on the stratosphere.

Foreword: R. Alan Plumb—A Brief Biographical Sketch and Personal Tribute
Adam H. Sobel vii

Lorenzo M. Polvani, Adam H. Sobel, and Darryn W. Waugh xiii

Darryn W. Waugh and Lorenzo M. Polvani 1

Middle Atmosphere Research Before Alan Plumb
Marvin A. Geller 5

Planetary Waves and the Extratropical Winter Stratosphere
R. Alan Plumb 23

Stratospheric Polar Vortices
Darryn W. Waugh and Lorenzo M. Polvani 43

Annular Modes of the Troposphere and Stratosphere
Paul J. Kushner 59

Stratospheric Equatorial Dynamics
Lesley J. Gray 93

Gravity Waves in the Stratosphere
M. Joan Alexander 109

Variability and Trends in Stratospheric Temperature and Water Vapor
William J. Randel 123

Trace Gas Transport in the Stratosphere: Diagnostic Tools and Techniques
Mark R. Schoeberl and Anne R. Douglass 137

Chemistry and Dynamics of the Antarctic Ozone Hole
Paul A. Newman 157

Solar Variability and the Stratosphere
Joanna D. Haigh 173

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