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The Stress Test Every Business Needs: A Capital Agenda for Confidently Facing Digital Disruption, Difficult Investors, Recessions and Geopolitical Threats

The Stress Test Every Business Needs: A Capital Agenda for Confidently Facing Digital Disruption, Difficult Investors, Recessions and Geopolitical Threats

Jeffrey Greene, Steve Krouskos, Harsha Basnayake

ISBN: 978-1-119-41813-9

Aug 2018

256 pages


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Organizations face a growing employee health cost crisis that threatens to swallow profits and drain the vitality of their workforce--unless we adopt a radically different approach to workplace health and well-being. Companies spend an average of $12,000 per employee on health benefits, a sum estimated by the Cleveland Clinic to double by 2025. But the hidden costs of absenteeism, disengagement and turnover costs businesses an estimated $1.2 trillion a year. In "The Healthy Workplace Nudge," author Rex Miller explains the findings of research and interviews with more than 100 corporate leaders and experts over a two-year project. This first ever multi-disciplinary research initiative led to several dramatic surprises, which challenge conventional business assumptions about how to improve workplace health and well-being:

  1. 95% of traditional wellness programs fail to improve health or lower costs
  2. If leaders don’t work toward a culture of employee “well-being” (more happiness and less stress) wellness programs are futile
  3. Shifting group behavioral using behavior economics proves more effective than incentivizing individual behavior
  4. Healthy buildings and environments deliver your strongest ROI for improving health
  5. Healthy culture is ultimately the most effective and sustainable health strategy
  6. Tying health and wellness strategy to employee experience and culture is essential to effective implementation







Chapter 1        How resilient is your Capital Agenda?

Jeffrey R. Greene

Chapter 2        Can your strategy thrive in a digital world?

Tony Qui and Glenn Engler

Chapter 3        How can you pre-empt activist shareholders?

Shyam Gidumal

Chapter 4        How should you restore a distressed company to health?

Andrew Wollaston and Donald Featherstone

Chapter 5        Are strategy, finance and operations integrated for optimal value creation?

Sharath Sharma and Daniel Burkly

Chapter 6        How can you get the most out of your advisors?

Giri Varadarajan and Aayush Tulsyan

Chapter 7        Do you understand the intrinsic value of your company, and how to manage it?

Daniel Burkly

Chapter 8        Are you allocating capital across the enterprise to reduce C-suite stress?

Jeffrey R. Greene

Chapter 9        Are your portfolio reviews timely, objective and thorough?

Jeffrey R. Greene and Jeff Wray

Chapter 10      Is tax planning a full partner in building resilience and driving value?

Bridget Walsh and Erica Lawee

Chapter 11      Do your acquisitions consistently pay off for shareholders?

Brian Salsberg

Chapter 12      Are you planning and executing divestments for maximum value?

Paul Hammes and Subin Baral


Chapter 13      Do your financing choices support flexibility and efficiency?

K.C. Brechnitz

Chapter 14      How well does your working capital management contribute to cash flow and earnings?

Sven Braun and Steve Payne

Chapter 15      Will your strategic goals ensure your company reaches its full potential?

William Achtmeyer and John Trustman


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