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The Stromboli Volcano: An Integrated Study of the 2002 - 2003 Eruption



The Stromboli Volcano: An Integrated Study of the 2002 - 2003 Eruption



Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 182.

This book presents a study of the "eruptive crisis" that took place at the Stromboli volcano from December 2002 to July 2003. It features an integrative approach to the monitoring of eruptive activity, including lava flow output, explosive activity, flank instability, submarine and subaerial landslides, tsunami, paroxysmal explosive events, and mitigation strategies.

The book comes with a DVD with spectacular photos and video of

  • The landslide and the tsunami that hit the coast of the island;
  • The 5 April 2003 paroxysmal event;
  • The whole eruption showing the stages of effusive activity and growth of the lava flow field;
  • Selected data useful for testing geochemical, petrological, seismological, thermal, and ground deformation models.

This multidisciplinary and multimedia experience, unique for the amount, quality, and variety of data it covers, can be applied to other active volcanoes. Stromboli will appeal to solid Earth scientists and students working in seismology, geodynamics, geochemistry, and mineral physics, as well as nonspecialists with an interest in the inner workings of our planet and others.

Sonia Calvari, Salvatore Inguaggiato, Giuseppe Puglisi, Maurizio Ripepe, and Mauro Rosi ix

The Stromboli Volcano: An Integrated Study of the 2002–2003 Eruption—Introduction
Sonia Calvari, Salvatore Inguaggiato, Giuseppe Puglisi, Maurizio Ripepe, and Mauro Rosi 1

Section I: The Volcanic System of Stromboli

Geological–Structural Framework of Stromboli Volcano, Past Collapses, and the Possible Influence on the Events of the 2002–2003 Crisis
Alessandro Tibaldi, Claudia Corazzato, Tiziana Apuani, Federico A. Pasquaré, and Luigina Vezzoli 5

Volcanology and Magma Geochemistry of the Present-Day Activity: Constraints on the Feeding System
Antonella Bertagnini, Nicole Métrich, Lorella Francalanci, Patrizia Landi, Simone Tommasini, and Sandro Conticelli 19

Dynamics of Strombolian Activity
Maurizio Ripepe, Dario Delle Donne, Andrew Harris, Emanuele Marchetti, and Giacomo Ulivieri 39

Fluid Geochemistry of Stromboli
Fausto Grassa, Salvatore Inguaggiato, and Marcello Liotta 49

Crater Gas Emissions and the Magma Feeding System of Stromboli Volcano
Patrick Allard, Alessandro Aiuppa, Mike Burton, Tommaso Caltabiano, Cinzia Federico, Giuseppe Salerno, and Alessandro La Spina 65

Upper Conduit Structure and Explosion Dynamics at Stromboli
Bernard Chouet, Phillip Dawson, and Marcello Martini 81

Section II: Eruption Onset

Volcanic and Seismic Activity at Stromboli Preceding the 2002–2003 Flank Eruption
M. Burton, S. Calvari, L. Spampinato, L. Lodato, N. A. Pino, E. Marchetti, and F. Muré 93

The Eruptive Activity of 28 and 29 December 2002
Laura Pioli, Mauro Rosi, Sonia Calvari, Letizia Spampinato, Alberto Renzulli, and Alessio Di Roberto 105

Geochemical Prediction of the 2002–2003 Stromboli Eruption From Variations in C02 and Rn Emissions and in Helium and Carbon Isotopes
C. Federico, L. Brusca, M. L. Carapezza, C. Cigolini, S. Inguaggiato, A. Rizzo, and D. Rouwet 117

Section III: Landslides, Tsunami, and the Sciara del Fuoco Instability

Slope Failures Induced by the December 2002 Eruption at Stromboli Volcano
Paolo Tommasi, Paolo Baldi, Francesco Latino Chiocci, Mauro Coltelli, Maria Marsella, and Claudia Romagnoli 129

The Double Landslide-Induced Tsunami
S. Tinti, A. Armigliato, A. Manucci, G. Pagnoni, R. Tonini, F. Zaniboni, A. Maramai, and L. Graziani 147

Deep-Sea Deposits of the Stromboli 30 December 2002 Landslide
Michael P. Marani, Fabiano Gamberi, Mauro Rosi, Antonella Bertagnini, and Alessio Di Roberto 157

Integrated Subaerial–Submarine Morphological Evolution of the Sciara del Fuoco After the 2002 Landslide
Paolo Baldi, Alessandro Bosman, Francesco Latino Chiocci, Maria Marsella, Claudia Romagnoli, and Alberico Sonnessa 171

Movements of the Sciara del Fuoco
A. Bonforte, M. Aloisi, G. Antonello, N. Casagli, J. Fortuny-Guash, L. Guerri, G. Nunnari, G. Puglisi, A. Spata, and D. Tarchi 183

Section IV: The Lava Flow Emission on the Sciara Del Fuoco

Evolution of the Lava Flow Field by Daily Thermal and Visible Airborne Surveys
Letizia Spampinato, Sonia Calvari, Andrew J. L. Harris, and Jonathan Dehn 201

Textural and Compositional Characteristics of Lavas Emitted During the December 2002 to July 2003 Stromboli Eruption (Italy): Inferences on Magma Dynamics
P. Landi, L. Francalanci, R. A. Corsaro, C. M. Petrone, A. Fornaciai, M. R. Carroll, I. Nardini, and L. Miraglia 213

2002–2003 Lava Flow Eruption of Stromboli: A Contribution to Understanding Lava Discharge Mechanisms Using Periodic Digital Photogrammetry Surveys
Maria Marsella, Mauro Coltelli, Cristina Proietti, Stefano Branca, and Roberto Monticelli 229

Ground Deformations Related to the Effusive Eruptions of Stromboli: The 2002–2003 Case
M. Aloisi, A. Bonforte, M. Mattia, and G. Puglisi 247

Gas Flux Rate and Migration of the Magma Column
Emanuele Marchetti, Maurizio Ripepe, Giacomo Ulivieri, Michael R. Burton, Tommaso Caltabiano, and Giuseppe Salerno 259

Variations of Soil Temperature, C02 Flux, and Meteorological Parameters
Paolo Madonia, Lorenzo Brusca, Salvatore Inguaggiato, Manfredi Longo, and Sabina Morici 269

Seismological Insights on the Shallow Magma System
M. Martini, L. D‘Auria, T. Caputo, F. Giudicepietro, R. Peluso, A. Caputo, W. De Cesare, A. M. Esposito, M. Orazi, and G. Scarpato 279

Fluid Circulation and Permeability Changes in the Summit Area of Stromboli Volcano
Anthony Finizola and Francesco Sortino 287

Section V: The 5th April Paroxysmal Explosive Event

The 5 April 2003 Explosion of Stromboli: Timing of Eruption Dynamics Using Thermal Data
Andrew J. L. Harris, Maurizio Ripepe, Sonia Calvari, Luigi Lodato, and Letizia Spampinato 305

The Paroxysmal Event and Its Deposits
Marco Pistolesi, Mauro Rosi, Laura Pioli, Alberto Renzulli, Antonella Bertagnini, and Daniele Andronico 317

Mineralogical, Geochemical, and Isotopic Characteristics of the Ejecta From the 5 April 2003 Paroxysm at Stromboli, Italy: Inferences on the Preeruptive Magma Dynamics
Lorella Francalanci, Antonella Bertagnini, Nicole Métrich, Alberto Renzulli, Riccardo Vannucci, Patrizia Landi, Stefano Del Moro, Michele Menna, Chiara Maria Petrone, and Isabella Nardini 331

The 5 April 2003 Paroxysm at Stromboli: A Review of Geochemical Observations
A. Rizzo, A. Aiuppa, G. Capasso, F. Grassa, S. Inguaggiato, M. Longo, and M. L. Carapezza 347

Ground Deformation From Ground-Based SAR Interferometry
Dario Tarchi, Nicola Casagli, Joaquim Fortuny-Guasch, Letizia Guerri, Giuseppe Antonello, and Davide Leva 359

Section VI: Risk Management

Stromboli (2002–2003) Crisis Management and Risk Mitigation Actions
Guido Bertolaso, Bernardo De Bernardinis, Chiara Cardaci, Antonella Scalzo, and Mauro Rosi 373

Scientific Community and Civil Protection Synergy During the Stromboli 2002–2003 Eruption
G. Bertolaso, A. Bonaccorso, and E. Boschi 387

Index 399