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The Sugar Code: Fundamentals of Glycosciences



The Sugar Code: Fundamentals of Glycosciences

Hans-Joachim Gabius (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-32089-9 October 2009 Wiley-Blackwell 597 Pages

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A reader friendly overview of the structure and functional relevance of natural glycosylation and its cognate proteins (lectins), this book is also one of the few books to cover their role in health and disease. Edited by one of the pioneering experts in the field and written by a team of renowned researchers this resource is a perfect introduction for all students in life and medical sciences, biochemistry, chemistry and pharmacy.

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The Biochemical Basis and Coding Capacity of the Sugar Code (Rudiger, Gabius)
Three-dimensional Aspects of the Sugar Code (Kozar, Andre, Ulicny, Gabius)
The Chemist's Way to Synthesize Glycosides (Oscarson)
The Chemist's Way to Prepare Multivalency (Chabre, Roy)
Analytical Aspects: The Analysis of Protein-Bound Glycans (Nakagawa)
N-Glycosylation (Zuber, Roth)
O-Glycosylation: Structural Diversity and Functions (Patsos, Corfield)
Glycosylation of Model and "Lower" Organisms (Wilson, Paschinger, Rendic)
Glycosylphosphatidylinositol Anchors: Structure, Biosynthesis and Functions (Shams-Eldin, Debierre-Grockiego, Schwarz)
Glycolipids (Kopitz)
Proteoglycans (Buddecke)
Chitin (Merzendorfer)
Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions: Basic Concepts and Methods for Analysis (Solis, Romero, Menendez, Jimenez-Barbero)
How to Determine Specificity: From Lectin Profiling to Glycan Mapping and Arrays (Tateno, Kuno, Hirabayashi)
The History of Lectinology (Rudiger, Gabius)
Ca2+: Mastermind and Active Player for Lectin Activity (Including a Gallery of Lectin Folds) (Gabius)
Bacterial and Viral Lectins (Holgersson, Gustafsson, Gaunitz)
Plant Lectins (Rudiger, Gabius)
Animal and Human Lectins (Gabius)
Routes in Lectin Evolution: Case Study on the C-Type Lectin-Like Domains (Gready, Zelensky)
Carbohydrate-Carbohydrate Interactions (Bucior, Burger, Fernandez-Busquets)
Diseases of Glycosylation (Hennet)
Animal Models to Delineate Glycan Functionality (Honke, Taniguchi)
Glycobiology of Fertilization and Early Embryonic Development (Habermann, Sinowatz)
Glycans as Functional Markers in Malignancy? (Andre, Kopitz, Kaltner, Villalobo, Gabius)
Small is Beautiful: Mini-Lectins in Host Defense (Lehrer)
Inflammation and Glycosciences (Schwartz-Albiez)
Sugars as Pharmaceuticals (Osborn, Turkson)
Platelet Glycoproteins as Lectins in Hematology (Hoffmeister, Falet)
Neurobiology meets Glycosciences (Ledeen, Wu)

“In summary, this ambitious book is a must-have for every library collection on carbohydrates and a great resource for chemistry and biology students curious for an entry into the rapidly growing area of glycosciences. The decoding process has just begun.” (ChemBioChem, 2010)
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