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The Surface Properties of Silicas

The Surface Properties of Silicas

André P. Legrand (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-86058-8

Nov 2000

494 pages



Each of the many different varieties of silica is characterised by its crystalline or amorphous structure and its specific physico-chemical surface properties. It is these surface characteristics which determine the applications of the silica, be it for chromatography, dehydration, polymer reinforcement or other processes. All the recent advances in the use of established and more modern methods for the determination of the surface and morphological characteristics of silicas, are found in this book written by a team of European experts. Analytical methods discussed include: solid state nuclear magnetic resonance, infra-red spectroscopy and adsorption methods. Emphasis is given to the nature and distribution of hydroxyl groups on silica surfaces; the final chapter gives a general survey of the health and safety aspects of silica.
On the Silica Edge (A. Legrand).

Texture, Morphology and Fractality of Silicas (Y. Grillet, et al.).

Hydroxyl Groups on Silica Surfaces (A. Burneau, et al.).

Surface Characteristics of Silicas (E. Papirer, et al.).

Health Effects of Silica (B. Fubini).