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The Teacher's Guide to Winning Grants

The Teacher's Guide to Winning Grants

David G. Bauer

ISBN: 978-0-787-94493-3

Dec 1998, Jossey-Bass

176 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Smart teachers know that increased school budgets and taxes do not always lead to better educational programs and services. Classrooms are often the last to receive any additional funding. As classroom leaders and innovators, teachers are increasingly seeking grants to help finance classroom improvements or school reform mandates. The process of winning grants, however, is a time-consuming and competitive venture. The challenge is even greater when teachers do not have their own grantseeking processes in place.

This step-by-step primer takes the guesswork out of grantseeking. It shows teachers how to select the right funding sources, organize proposal ideas, write a convincing and well-prepared proposal, identify who will evaluate the proposal and the scoring system they will use, and efficiently implement the proposal when the grant funds are won. Based on time-proven techniques and useful strategies, The Teacher's Guide to Winning Grants reveals how teachers can obtain the inside information they need to increase their chances of grant success. With this knowledge, teachers can develop effective grantseeking methods that will enable them to secure funds and move their schools in the direction they want.
1. Demystifying the Grants Process.

2. Getting Ready to Seek Grants Support.

3. Forming a Grants Advisory Group.

4. Creating a Compelling Needs Statement.

5. Generating Proposal Ideas.

6. Understanding the Grants Marketplace.

7. Researching Potential Funders.

8. Contacting the Grantor Before You Write the Proposal.

9. Developing Project Objectives.

10. Building a Project Planner.

11. Writing Government Grant Proposals.

12. Improving and Submitting Your Federal Grant Application.

13. Writing Foundation and Corporate Proposals.

14. Improving and Submitting Your Foundation/Corporate Proposal.

15. Dealing with the Decision, and Building Your Grantseeking Base.
"Bauer knows a lot about how methodical, organized work pays off. He has great ideas for making a grants workbook, involving community members as advisors, generating lots of possible solutions, and contacting grantors before submitting your proposal.... Another plus: lots of help in finding foundations and understanding government grants." (NEA Today)

"Bauer gives us yet another very helpful and concise book on competitive grants...." (Illinois State Foreign Language Newsletter, 2/02)