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The Three Signs of a Miserable Job: DVD Presentation and Companion Guide

The Three Signs of a Miserable Job: DVD Presentation and Companion Guide

Patrick M. Lencioni

ISBN: 978-0-976-30902-4

Apr 2008, Pfeiffer

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According to Patrick Lencioni, three underlying factors will make a job miserable, and they can apply to virtually all jobs regardless of the nature of the work being done. The three signs are at first glance obvious and seemingly easy to resolve. And yet they remain largely unaddressed in most organizations.
  1. Anonymity - People cannot be fulfilled in their work if they are not known. All human beings need to be understood and appreciated by someone in a position of authority for their unique qualities.
  2. Irrelevance - Everyone needs to know that their job matters to someone. If there is no connection between a person's work and the satisfaction of another person or group of people, an employee simply will not find lasting fulfillment.
  3. Immeasurement - Employees need to gauge their progress and level of contribution for themselves. They cannot be fulfilled if their success depends on the opinions and whims of another person, now matter how benevolent that person may be.

With all three of these factors, the one person who has the most influence and control over how they are implemented is the employee's manager. Managers must know their employees. Managers must understand how he or she makes a difference in their employees work life. Managers must initiate clear measurement tactics with their employees.

This DVD is part of a management development program designed to help managers more effectively engage motivate, and retain employees by eliminating the three causes of job misery.