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The Tomb of Beowulf: And Other Essays on Old English



The Tomb of Beowulf: And Other Essays on Old English

Fred C. Robinson

ISBN: 978-0-631-17328-1 August 1993 Wiley-Blackwell 352 Pages


Fred C. Robinson is known throughout the world for some of the most original and stimulating work on Old English literature and language published in recent times. The Tomb of Beowulf collects thirty seven of his essays and three substantial new articles. The book is informed by the author's preoccupation with meaning, context and language and their subtle interactions. Its contents are equally characterized by readability and scholarship, and by learning and wit.


1. Literary Interpretation: Beowulf.

2. Literary Interpretation: Several Poems.

3. Textual Criticism.

4. Manuscript Contexts:.

5. Three Editions of the Old English Texts.

6. Women in Old English Literature.

7. Names in Old English Literature.

8. Linguistic Studies in Old English.

9. Old English in the Twentieth Century.

List of Essays and Notes by Fred C. Robinson not included in this volume.

List of Reviews by Fred C. Robinson.


  • Contains classic essays and required student reading
  • Author is widely regarded as the leading American scholar in the field. He is very well known in UK, US, Japan and Scandinavia
  • Contains three substantial new articles.