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The Top 10 Distinctions Between Winners and Whiners

The Top 10 Distinctions Between Winners and Whiners

Keith Cameron Smith

ISBN: 978-0-470-88586-4

Dec 2010

128 pages

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Be a winner in your personal and professional life with this pull-no-punches guide

Let's face it: to become a winner in the face of unpredictable times requires hard work and a determined mindset. Winners choose to be winners. Whiners let others control their fate. Which one do you want to be?

In The Top Ten Distinctions between Winners and Whiners, Keith Cameron Smith reveals the secrets to becoming a winner in both your professional and personal life. Discover powerful exercises you can start immediately that will make a positive and lasting change in your life.

  • Master the 10 vital principles and move past the status quo and up the ladder
  • Create positive meaning and build relationships
  • Hundreds of top producers from many network marketing companies as well as upper managers from several Fortune 500 companies are using The Top 10 Distinctions between Winners and Whiners to inspire their teams.

Take responsibility for your success and steer clear of naysayers and negativity with The Top Ten Distinctions between Winners and Whiners.


A Note on the Order of the Distinctions.

Distinction 10.

Winners take responsibility.

Whiners play the victim.

Distinction 9.

Winners can have what they want.

Whiners want what they cannot have.

Distinction 8.

Winners find a way.

Whiners find an excuse.

Distinction 7.

Winners brighten a room by entering.

Whiners brighten a room by leaving.

Distinction 6.

Winners listen twice as much as they talk.

Whiners talk twice as much as they listen.

Distinction 5.

Winners enjoy life's journeys.

Whiners put their joy in the destinations.

Distinction 4.

Winners build friendships.

Whiners destroy friendships.

Distinction 3.

Winners think big.

Whiners think small.

Distinction 2.

Winners are focus-minded.

Whiners are scatterbrained.

Distinction 1.

Winners create positive meanings.

Whiners create negative meanings.

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