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The Trainer's Journey to Competence: Tools, Assessments, and Models



The Trainer's Journey to Competence: Tools, Assessments, and Models

Jean Barbazette

ISBN: 978-0-787-98090-0 September 2005 Pfeiffer 275 Pages


The Trainer’s Journey to Competence draws on Jean Barbazette’s thirty-five years of experience in training trainers. The book serves as both a useful source of career advice for those in the training field, and as a starting point for creating a role-specific professional development plan. Professional trainers can use this resource to assess their knowledge, skills, and attitudes and use this information to create an individual development plan. The book can be equally helpful when creating internal training certification programs for organizations.
Contents of the CD-ROM.



Chapter 1: What Is a Training Function?

The Purpose of a Training Function.

Centralized and Decentralized Training Functions.

Chapter 2: What Is a Competency?

Competency Defined.

How Competencies Are Built from Knowledge and Skill.

How Competencies Are Measured.

Suggested Uses for Competency Checklists.

Steps to Set Up a Competency Measurement Process.

Chapter 3: Trainer or Instructor Competencies.

Competencies Required of Trainers or Instructors.

Competency Checklists for the Trainer or Instructor.

How to Use the Competency Checklists.

Trainer or Instructor Development Plan.

Chapter 4: Facilitator or Coach Competencies.

Competencies Required of Facilitators or Coaches.

Competency Checklists for the Facilitator or Coach.

How to Use the Competency Checklists.

Facilitator or Coach Development Plan.

Chapter 5: Course Designer Competencies.

Competencies Required of a Course Designer.

Competency Checklists for Course Designers.

How to Use the Competency Checklists.

Course Designer Development Plan.

Chapter 6: Training Manager Competencies.

Competencies Required of a Training Manager.

Competency Checklists for the Training Manager.

How to Use the Competency Checklists.

Training Manager Development Plan.

Chapter 7: Training Coordinator Competencies.

Competencies Required of a Training Coordinator.

Competency Checklists for Training Coordinators.

How to Use the Competency Checklists.

Training Coordinator Development Plan.

Chapter 8: Being a Department of One.

Sorting Priorities.

Competency Checklist for a Department of One.

Making a Training Plan.

Presenting a Training Plan.

Chapter 9: How to Develop Internal Certification Programs.

Developing a Certification Program in Your Organization.

Choosing Between Internal or External Certifying Authority.

Defining Certificates and Certification.

Using Developed Competencies to Plan a Certificate or Certification Program.

Demonstrating Competence and Understanding Versus Performing.

Introducing Training Competencies in the Organization.

Measuring Competencies: Self, Peer, and Supervisory Assessments.

Setting Up Feedback and Development Processes.

Gaining Agreement on a Certification Program.

Using Certification Programs: Cautions.


Sample Competency Checklists and Development Plans.




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