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The Trauma of Sexual Assault: Treatment, Prevention and Practice

The Trauma of Sexual Assault: Treatment, Prevention and Practice

Jenny Petrak (Editor), Barbara Hedge (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-85138-8

Jul 2003

368 pages



The psycho-social needs of victims of rape and sexual assault are increasingly recognised and there is a need for a critical synthesis of knowledge and practice to support the development of training and best practice in the mental health and sexual health professions.

The Trauma of Sexual Assault provides an understanding of the theoretical underpinning of the wide range of clinical problems that can follow sexual assault. Focusing on adult victims of sexual assault, this book brings together research findings, theoretical perspectives and implications for treatment, longer term management, and future policy.
* The first text to consider the psychological impact of sexual assault on women and men
* Incorporates a comprehensive flow-through model of psychological and social management from the initial presentation of the assaulted person onwards
* A much needed reference, accessible to a wide range of professionals

Part of the Wiley Series in Clinical Psychology
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Rape: History, Myths, and Reality (J. Petrak).

The Psycholgical Impact of Sexual Assault (J. Petrak).

Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Sexual Assault (A. W. Coxell & M. B. King).

A Review of Treatment and Outcome of Post-Trauma Sequelae in Sexual Assault Survivors (J. A. Bennice & P. A. Resick).

Psychological Assessment of Sexual Assault (A-M. Doyle & S. Thornton).

Treatment of Acute Stress and PTSD Following Rape (A. E. Naugle, et al.).

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for Mood and Behavioural Problems (H. Kennerley).

Treatment for the Psychosexual Impact of Sexual Assault (L. Webster).

Coping with the Physical Impact of Sexual Assault (B. Hedge).

Interventions to Prevent Rape and Sexual Assault (C. A. Gidycz, et al.).

Legal and Forensic Issues (D. J. Rogers).

The Impact of Sexual Assault on Health-care Workers (B. Hedge).

Sexual Aggression: Research, Theories, and Practice (J. C. Houston).

The Future Agenda for Care and Research (J. Petrak).

"...It is rare to find in any one book enough material to satisfy both the novice and the experienced practitioner. However, this excellent book does this..." (Healthcare Counselling & Psychotherapy Journal, July 2002) 

"…this much needed book will be of great help.." (Int Jnl of Psychiatric Nursing Research)

"…All in all, a very good read…" (Sexual & Relationship Therapy, Vol.17, No.4, 2002)

"…the authors have achieved their aim of bringing together a fascinating variety of literature…" (British Journal of Clinical Psychology, March 2003)

"…a valuable resource…" (British Journal of Clinical Psychology, March 2003)

"…a good reference for the professional coming in contact with the victims of sexual assault…" (Int Jnl Adolescent Med Health, July 2003)