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The Truth About Positive Cash Flow Property

The Truth About Positive Cash Flow Property

Margaret Lomas

ISBN: 978-1-742-16923-1

Jan 2012, Wrightbooks

400 pages



Property investing has become one of the first choices for both new and experienced investors in Australia today, and a ‘property investment industry' has appeared and grown rapidly. With this growth has come an increase in the number of self-styled ‘property experts', all too keen to share their sometimes questionable ‘secrets of success'.

Concerned at the number of investors she sees duped or convinced by ‘property gurus' into making dubious investments, popular bestselling author Margaret Lomas has written this book to dispel the many myths surrounding positive cash flow property investing. In her trademark engaging style, she reveals just what positive cash flow property investing is, how it works and what it can achieve. No hype, no promises -- Margaret just tells the TRUTH about positive cash flow investing and how ordinary Australians can follow her advice and benefit from this form of investing too.

Introduction xiii

1 The truth about positive cash flow property 1

2 Location, location — or not? 21

3 The boom and the bust — fact or fiction? 39

4 Cash flow or growth — why not both? 55

5 On the money — getting the right loan 67

6 To trust or not to trust — structures and strategies 97

7 Scams, spruikers and secrets 117

8 Millions in minutes 141

9 Tax and positive cash flow 173

10 And all the rest! 191

Appendix A — Which book is for you? 205

Appendix B — Your risk profile 209

Glossary 213

Index 219