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The Truth about Marie

The Truth about Marie

ISBN: 978-1-564-78367-7

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112 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Moving through a variety of locales and adventures, ""The Truth about Marie"" revisits the unnamed narrator of Toussaint's acclaimed Running Away, reporting on his now disintegrated relationship with the titular Marie--the story switching deftly between first- and third-person as the narrator continues to drift through life, and Marie does her best to get on with hers. Like all of Toussaint's novels, ""The Truth about Marie""'s plot matters far less than its pace and tempo, its chain of images, its sequence of events. From pouring rain in Paris to blazing fires on the island of Elba, from moments of intense action to perfectly paced lulls, ""The Truth about Marie"" relies on a series of contrasts to tell a beguiling, and finally touching, story of intimacy forever being regained and lost.