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The Twelve Keys Leaders' Guide

The Twelve Keys Leaders' Guide

Kennon L. Callahan

ISBN: 978-0-787-93870-3 August 1997 Jossey-Bass 136 Pages


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An essential guide for church leaders to help them incorporatethe Twelve Keys

As a companion to Twelve Keys to an Effective Church, theLeader's Guide provides ideas and suggestions on how to lead usingthe Twelve Keys model, how to handle congregational dynamics, plusguidelines on leading a Twelve Keys Planning Retreat to prepare forthe future.
* Shows how to use the Twelve Keys model within acongregation
* Offers helpful resources and suggestions for encouragingaction, implementation, and momentum
* Includes guidelines on leading a Twelve Keys Planning Retreatto prepare for the future
* Written by Kennon L. Callahan, the pastor who developed theTwelve Keys method

This book will help church leaders implement the Twelve Keysmodel and handle the many other factors that make a churcheffective and successful.
Introduction: Leaders and Long-range Planning.

Part One: Resources for Long-range Planning.

1. The Four Stages and Six Sessions.

2. Timelines, Objectives, and Long-range Planning.

3. The Major Qualitative Resources for Long-range Planning.

4. The Four Invitational Questions.

5. What to Listen For and Look For.

6. Principles for Participation.

Part Two: Resources for Action, Implementation, and Momentum.

7. An Effective Long-range Plan.

8. Leaders and Key Objectives.

9. Motivational Resources.

10. Leadership Development: Focusing on the Middle Third.

11. Excellent Mistakes and Objectives Worth Not Doing.

12. Prayer: Vision and Hope.

Part Three: Four Dynamics to Consider.

13. Memory, Change, Conflict, and Hope.
"The church has had to wait too long for this indispensablematerial. Dr. Callahan's careful attention to detail and practicalchurch programming is balanced by a depth of theologicalunderstanding and an earnest desire to help the church move frommaintenance to mission. This book will give direction to the churchfor many years to come." (George Morris, Institute for WorldEvangelism)

"[An] excellent book for churches that are contemplatingrenewal.... [Callahan] understands the need for objective,measurable, and workable methods." (The Presbyterian Survey)

"Callahan has produced a book which should, for many years, be aneffective guide for local congregations.... The book is realisticand does not place upon a congregation impossible demands, butholds to realistic hopes.... This book is useful for pastors andemployed staff. It can be used by the various organizations withinthe church. Each organization would do well to read [it]." (PerkinsJournal)

"This very readable book offers a step-by-step, how-to approach toits subject.... Clear, concise,...[it] must certainly be judged avaluable contribution to the task of congregational long-rangeplanning." (The Christian Century)