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The Ultimate Advantage: Creating the High-Involvement Organization

The Ultimate Advantage: Creating the High-Involvement Organization

Edward E. Lawler III

ISBN: 978-1-555-42414-5

Mar 1992, Jossey-Bass

392 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Offers an integrated overview of just how an organization must be designed to realize the full potential of high-involvement management. Details the types of management and reward systems, leadership behaviors, job design, and training programs that make high-involvement organizations really work at such thriving companies as Hewlett-Packard, General Electric, and Xerox. Shows how to implement such specific practices as work teams, skill-based pay, gainsharing, and improvement groups.
Part One: Searching for Competitive Advantage.

1. Make Management an Advantage.

2. Choose the Right Management Style.

Part Two: Designing Organizations, Work, and Rewards.

3. Create a High-Involvement Structure.

4. Identify Work Design Alternatives.

5. Develop Involving Work.

6. Foster Organization-Improvement Groups.

7. Pay the Person, Not the Job.

Part Three: Managing Information and Human Resources.

9. Promote Open Information Channels.

10. Establish High-Involvement Management Practices.

11. Support Positive Managerial Behavior.

12. Involve Unions in the Organization.

Part Four: Creating High-Involvement Organizations.

13. Develop High-Involvement Business Units.

14. Manage the Change Toward High-Involvement.
"One of the strengths of Lawler's book is its readiness to confront directly the sort of questions that really worry most top managers."

"A valuable reference for human resource specialists, management consultants, and managers in search of a compass. It clearly lays out where many organizations are heading and presents the new wisdom on how to get there."

"A solid, insightful, and instructive book."