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The Ultimate Business Guru Guide: The Greatest Thinkers Who Made Management , 2nd Edition

The Ultimate Business Guru Guide: The Greatest Thinkers Who Made Management , 2nd Edition

Stuart Crainer, Des Dearlove

ISBN: 978-1-841-12075-1 May 2003 Capstone 308 Pages


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A seemingly endless parade of consultants, academics and journalists continue to pontificate about management, leadership and the dream of the perfect organization. But only a tiny fraction have really changed the way business works. These are the gurus. In this new edition of worldwide bestseller, The Ultimate Business Guru Book, the authors have assembled the greatest business gurus in a unique, one-stop guide. The book keeps business leaders ahead of double-speaking colleagues and consultants by bringing them rapidly up to speed with the very best that the world's business thinkers currently have to offer.
Igor Ansoff.
Chris Argyris.
Chester Barnard.
Warren Bennis.
Marvin Bower.
Dale Carnegie.
James Champy.
Alfred Chandler.
W. Edwards Deming.
Peter Drucker.
Leif Edvinsson.
Henri Fayol.
Mary Parker Follett.
Henry Ford.
Harold Geneen.
Sumantra Ghoshal.
Daniel Goleman.
Gary Hamel.
Charles Handy.
Bruce Henderson.
Frederick Herzberg.
Geert Hofstede.
Elliott Jaques.
Joseph M. Juran.
Rosabeth Moss Kanter.
Philip Kotler.
John Kotter.
Ted Levitt.
Kurt Lewin.
Nicolo Machiavelli.
Abraham Maslow.
Konosuke Matsushita.
Elton Mayo.
Douglas McGregor.
Henry Mintzberg.
Akito Morita.
John Naisbitt.
Kenichi Ohmae.
David Packard.
Richard Pascale.
Laurence J. Peter.
Tom Peters.
Michael Porter.
Edgar H. Schein.
Peter Senge.
Alfred P. Sloan.
Frederick W. Taylor.
Alvin Toffler.
Robert Townsend .
Fons Trompenaars.
Thomas Watson Jr.
Max Weber.