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The United States: A Brief Narrative History, 3rd Edition

The United States: A Brief Narrative History, 3rd Edition

Link Hullar, Scott Nelson

ISBN: 978-1-118-80704-0 August 2014 Wiley-Blackwell 256 Pages




This third edition of The United States: A Brief Narrative History remains a basic, readable, and highly affordable core text for the introductory survey of United States history. While not intended as the only resource for students enrolled in such courses, it remains the most concise U.S. survey on the market—its length, approach, and price encouraging the use of supplementary readings, novels, research projects, and primary documents (many of which are available on the Internet) all for a price that falls well below the list price of a traditional survey text.

In addition to taking the engaging narrative all the way up through the second decade of the twenty-first century, the new edition features new maps. Loyal users will appreciate that fact that the book retains its cultural literacy approach, its lively narrative style, and highly effective highlighting of the names, terms, and concepts common to an educated person’s understanding of American history. Finally, its appendices comprise a useful, annotated text of The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and a list of U.S. Presidents.

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Preface xi


American’s First Nations 1
Philip Weeks

Chapter Review 13

Chapter 1 Discovery, Exploration, and Colonization 15

Chapter Review 23

Chapter 2 Revolution and Independence 25

Chapter Review 32

Chapter 3 The Young Republic 35

Chapter Review 45

Chapter 4 Jefferson and the Democratic Republic 47

Chapter Review 56

Chapter 5 The Age of Jackson 57

Chapter Review 66

Chapter 6 The West (Pre-Civil War) 68

Chapter Review 72

Chapter 7 Sectional Conflict 73

Chapter Review 80

Chapter 8 Civil War and Reconstruction 82

Chapter Review 89

Chapter 9 The West (Post-Civil War) 91

Chapter Review 96

Chapter 10 The Gilded Age and Imperial America 97

Chapter Review 109

Chapter 11 Populism, Progressivism, and the Great War 111

Chapter Review 123

Chapter 12 Boom, Bust, and the New Deal 125

Chapter Review 135

Chapter 13 World War II and the Origins of the Cold War 137

Chapter Review 152

Chapter 14 Postwar America: The Fifties and Sixties 154

Chapter Review 167

Chapter 15 Retrenchment: The Seventies and Eighties 169

Chapter Review 179

Chapter 16 Cold War Ends, War on Terror Begins 181

Chapter Review 195

Appendix A The Declaration of Independence 197

Appendix B The Constitution of the United States 202

Appendix C Presidents of the United States of America 227

Index 231


The First Thirteen States, 1779 34

Growth of the U.S. to 1853 67

Secession, 1861 81

North African and European Campaigns 141

U.S. Offensive against Japan 145

Cold War Europe 149

The Middle East 183

The United States (front endpaper)

The World (back endpaper)


Praise for a previous edition:

"This 'bite sized' approach to American history is as informed and informative as it is engaging and articulate. The United States: A Brief Narrative History is recommended for both school and community library collections, and an ideal read for immigrants new to the country and any others who are seeking a sound, easily absorbed grounding in the basics of American history." (Wisconsin Bookwatch, August, 2006)