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The Upper Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere: A Review of Experiment and Theory

The Upper Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere: A Review of Experiment and Theory

R. M. Johnson (Editor), T. L. Killeen (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66424-7

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

356 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 87.

This volume provides a review of progress made in recent years in experimental and theoretical investigation of the upper mesosphere and lower thermosphere and coupling between these regions and the ionosphere. Detailed study of the mesosphere/lower thermosphere/ionosphere (MLTI) region has historically been difficult because of its relative inaccessibility to direct measurement techniques and the complex and highly coupled processes which occur there. Although we have still not successfully unraveled all these complex interactions, we have made significant recent progress toward a fuller understanding of the basic state of the MLTI and of the dominant wave and coupling processes. This monograph includes a set of tutorial papers, which review our current understanding of aspects of the MLTI. These tutorials are interspersed with a selection of papers describing research progress on various topics of current interest in this region. The book should therefore be useful both to the newcomer, as an introduction to this field of research, and to the more experienced researcher, providing an overview of research in progress as well as a convenient reference collection of papers describing our current understanding.

R. M. Johnson and T. L. Killeen xi

Energetics, Dynamics, and Electrodynamics of the Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere

Energetics of the Mesosphere and Thermosphere
R. G. Roble 1

The Dynamics of the Lower Thermosphere
T. J. Fuller-Rowell 23

The Lower Ionosphere at High Latitudes
R. W. Schunk and J. J. Sojka 37

The Ionospheric Wind Dynamo: Effects of Its Coupling with Different Atmospheric Regions
A. D. Richmond 49

Planetary Waves, Tides, and Gravity Waves in the Upper Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere

Tidal and Planetary Waves
J. M. Forbes 67

Gravity Wave Forcing and Effects in the Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere
D. C. Fritts 89

Observations of the Meridional Quasi Two-Day Wave in the Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere
at Christmas Island
S. E. Palo and S. K. Avery 101

Analysis of Wave Signatures in the Equatorial Ionosphere
H. F. Parish, J. M. Forbes, and F. Kamalabadi 111

Gravity Wave-Tidal Interactions in the Middle Atmosphere: Observations and Theory
D. C. Fritts 121

Gravity Wave Mean State Interactions in the Upper Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere
R. L. Walterscheid 133

Modulation of Gravity Wave Drag in the Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere by Tides and the
Effects on the Time Mean Flow-Model Results
C. McLandress and W. E. Ward 145

Scale-Independent Diffusive Filtering Theory of Gravity Wave Spectra in the Atmosphere
C. S. Gardner 153

Mesopausea nd Lower Thermosphere/IonospherPeh enomena

Climatology of Polar Mesospheric Clouds: Interannual Variability and Implications for Long-Term
G. E. Thomas 185

Charge Balance at the Summer Polar Mesopause: Ice Particles, Electrons, and PMSE
G. C. Reid 201

Ionic Nucleation of Ice Particles in Noctilucent Clouds
T. Sugiyama 209

Changes in the Concentration of Mesospheric O3 and OH During a Highly Relativistic Electron
Precipitation Event
R. A. Goldberg, C. H. Jackman, D. N. Baker, and F. A. Herrero 215

Nitric Oxide in the Lower Thermosphere
C. Barth 225

The Role  f Fast N(4S) Atoms and Energetic Photoelectrons on the Distribution of NO in the
J. C. Gerard, V. I. Shematovich, and D. V. Bisikalo 235

The State of O2 in the Mesopause Region
D. P. Murtagh 243

Measurements of Electron Density Profiles in the Ionosphere Using Artificial Periodic Inhomogeneties
V. Belikovich, E. A. Benediktov, and A. V. Tolmacheva 251

Advances in Models of the Upper Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere

Aspects of Mesospheric Simulation in a Comprehensive General Circulation Model
K. Hamilton 255

A Numerical Spectral Model for the Mean Zonal Circulation and the Tides in the Middle and
Upper Atmosphere
K. L. Chan, H. G. Mayr, J. G. Mengel, and I. Harris 265

Energy Spectrum of the NCAR-TIGCM Lower Thermosphere
R. G. Raskin, A. G. Burns, T. L. Killeen, and R. G. Roble 279

New Space-Borne Results

WINDII on UARS Status Report and Preliminary Results
G. G. Shepherd, G. Thuillier, B. H. Solhelm, Y. J. Rochon, J. Criswick, W. A. Gault, R. N.
Peterson, R. H. Wiens, and S.-P. Zhang 297

Preliminary Results from the Imaging Spectrometric Observatory Flown on ATLAS 1
D. G. Tort, M. R. Tort, M. F. Morgan, T. Chang, J. K. Owens, J. A. Fennelly, P. G. Richards, and T. W. Baldridge 305

Spatial Variability in Emissioanss Observewd in the  Wind Imaging
Interferometer (WINDII) on UARS
W. E. Ward, E. J. Llewellyn, Y. Rochon, ½. ½. Tai, W. S. ½. Brooks, B. H. Solhelm, and G. G.
Shepherd 323

A Sequential Estimation Technique for Recovering Atmospheric Data from Orbiting Satellites
D. A. Oftland, P. B. Hays, W. R. Skinner, M.D. Burrage, A. R. Marshall, and D. A. Gell 329

Satellite Observations of Neutral Density Cells in the Lower Thermosphere at High Latitudes
G. Crowley, J. Schoendor, R. G. Roble, and F. A. Marcos 339