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The Urinary System CD-ROM

The Urinary System CD-ROM

P. Brown

ISBN: 978-1-901-87205-7

Aug 1998, Wiley-Blackwell

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This collection of 22 tutorials is aimed at undergraduate students of veterinary pathology. Individual tutorials cover a variety of diseases affecting the kidney and the lower urinary tract and include a wide range of illustrations of gross and microscopic lesions. The tutorials include many questions, often relating to illustrations, that prompt a student to consider a disease process or its effects. Two tutorials cover Radiography of the kidney and urinary tract and three deal with Urinalysis.
Bladder: Bladder inflamation; Bladder neoplasia; Hydronephrosis & hydroureter; Rupture, displacement & torsion; Urolithiasis; Kidney: Acute renal failure; amyloidosis; Chronic renal failure; Developmental diseases; Glomerulonephritis; Hydronephrosis & hydroureter; Interstitial nephritis; Nephrocalcinosis; Pyaemic nephritis; Pyeloneoplasia; Renal vascular disease; Urolithiasis