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The Value Connection: A Four-Step Market Screening Method to Match Good Companies with Good Stocks

The Value Connection: A Four-Step Market Screening Method to Match Good Companies with Good Stocks

Marc H. Gerstein

ISBN: 978-0-471-32364-8

Jun 2003

352 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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A market beating method for finding success in trading stocks

Value is a concept that frequently eludes investors -- especially when it comes to stocks. In many cases, successfully identifying value can make the difference between picking a winner and getting burned. The Value Connection offers a systematic and doable method investors can use to take advantage of value in the stock market. Based on author Marc Gerstein's "Value Connection" method, this book will show investors how to find potentially attractive value connections, analyze specific situations to see if the value connection is sound, buy the best value connected opportunities, and sell stocks for which the value connection has weakened. The proven four-step method outlined -- which allows investors to understand the relationship between a company and its stock -- will help any investor screen the stock market for the best values out there. Real world examples make understanding this revolutionary investing method easy.

Marc H. Gerstein (New York, NY) is the Director of Investment Research at Multex. Prior to that, he was in the research and editorial department at Value Line. Over the course of two decades he analyzed stocks across a wide variety of industries and sectors, including household products, specialty retail, restaurants, mining, energy, hotel/gaming, homebuilding, airlines, railroads, and media. Gerstein appears periodically on CNNfn, Bloomberg TV, and is often quoted in USA Today, CBS MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Daily News, and Money Online. He is also the author of Screening the Market (0-471-21559-7).



Warming Up.

Chapter 1. On the Same Page.

Chapter 2. The Four-Step Screening Method.

Step 1: Find ... Potentially Attractive Value Connections.

Chapter 3. Tools of the Trade.

Chapter 4. Screening for Good Stocks.

Chapter 5. Screening for Good Companies.

Chapter 6. Expanding Our Horizons.

Chapter 7. Strategic Screening.

Step 2: Analyze ... Specific Ideas to See If the Value Connection Is Sound.

Chapter 8. The Value Connection Story.

Step 3: Buy ... the Best Value Connected Opportunities.

Chapter 9. Weighting and Balancing.

Chapter 10. Buying Value Connection Stocks: Case Studies.

Step 4: Sell ... Stocks for Which the Value Connection Has Weakened.

Chapter 11. Finding the Exit.

Chapter 12. Holding and Selling: Case Studies.


Chapter 13. Benefits of the Value Connection.