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The Value of Debt in Divorce

The Value of Debt in Divorce

Thomas J. Anderson

ISBN: 978-1-119-04939-5

Jun 2020

208 pages


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It’s a truism that couldn’t be truer: both parties to a divorce inevitably end up substantially poorer than when they were married. With U.S. divorce rates near all-time highs (and among the highest in the world), The Value of Debt in Divorce will provide ideas, strategies, and case studies for maximizing post-divorce wealth—making the pie bigger—for everyone involved (husband, wife, and any children). Topics to be discussed will include: 

  • Debt strategies for individuals and professionals in divorce
  • Defensive strategies and perspectives
  • Holistic thinking including better ways to divide the pie using debt
  • Ways to position one’s life after the divorce, e.g., understanding one’s new post-divorce debt ratio and where future funds should go
  • How to pay for new “stuff” after divorce, from cars and appliances to children’s education and vacations
  • Same sex marriage issues
  • Comparative case studies showcasing the advantages of embracing debt