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The Vulnerable Atherosclerotic Plaque: Strategies for Diagnosis and Management

The Vulnerable Atherosclerotic Plaque: Strategies for Diagnosis and Management

Renu Virmani (Editor), Jagat Narula (Editor), Martin B. Leon (Editor), James T. Willerson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-98757-5

Oct 2007, Wiley-Blackwell

384 pages

Select type: O-Book


Finally, a convenient, one-volume summary of current knowledge on an area of increasing importance! The Vulnerable Atherosclerotic Plaque presents contributions from the best investigators in the field, skillfully edited for easy reading and lavishly illustrated with high-quality, full-color images.

After a considered and concise introduction, the book concentrates on:

  • Pathology of vulnerable plaque
  • Triggers for plaque rupture
  • Imaging of unstable plaque
  • Management of vulnerable plaques

Careful editing allows the authors to avoid repetition and provide comprehensive coverage of pathology, detection, and management. This thorough and authoritative reference will change the way interventionists look at the disease.

PART 1 Introduction.

1 History of atherosclerosis and vulnerable plaque research.

Mohammad Madjid, Ibrahim Aboshady, Samuel Ward Casscells, Renu Virmani &.

James T Willerson.


PART 2 Pathology.

2 The pathology of vulnerable plaque.

Renu Virmani, Allen P Burke, James T Willerson, Andrew Farb, Jagat Narula & Frank D Kolodgie.

3 Plaque rupture.

Renu Virmani, Allen P Burke, Andrew Farb, Herman K Gold, Aloke V Finn & Frank D Kolodgie.

4 Plaque erosion.

Frank D Kolodgie, Allen P Burke, Andrew Farb, David R Fowler, Robert Kutys, Thomas N Wight & Renu Virmani.

5 Pathogenesis and significance of calcification in coronary atherosclerosis.

Allen P Burke, Frank D Kolodgie, Andrew Farb & Renu Virmani.

6 Adventitial and periadventitial fat inflammation and plaque vulnerability.

Silvio Litovsky, Deborah Vela, Mohammad Madjid, Samuel Ward Casscells & James T Willerson.

7 Murine models of advanced atherosclerosis.

Michael E Rosenfeld & Stephen M Schwartz.

PART 3 Triggers for plaque rupture.

8 Physical and mechanical stress.

Luis E Rohde & Richard T Lee.

9 Inflammation and matrix metalloproteinases.

Zorina S Galis & Susan M Lessner.

10 Apoptosis in atherosclerosis.

Mark M Kockx, Wim Martinet & Michiel Knaapen.

PART 4 Diagnosis.

11 Emerging biomarkers of instability.

Sotirios Tsimikas.

12 Ultrasonic detection of coronary disease.

Mani A Vannan, Chowdhury Ahsan, Johan Verjans, Artiom Petrov & Jagat Narula.

13 Intravascular ultrasound for plaque characterization.

D Geoffrey Vince & Anuja Nair.

14 Magnetic resonance imaging and intravascular magnetic resonance imaging.

Hee Kwon Song, Ronald L Wolf, Jacob Schneiderman & Robert L Wilensky.

15 Radionuclide imaging.

Johan Verjans & Jagat Narula.

16 Near-infrared spectroscopy.

Pedro R Moreno, Barbara Marshik & James E Muller.

17 Intravascular thermography.

Mohammad Madjid, Morteza Naghavi, Silvio Litovsky, Samuel Ward Casscells & James T Willerson.

18 Optical coherence tomography.

Paul Magnin & Evelyn Regar.

19 Intravascular palpography.

Johannes A Schaar, Chris L de Korte, Frits Mastik, Pim de Feyter, Cornelis J Slager, Anton FW van der Steen & Patrick W Serruys.

20 Coronary computed tomography for the detection of atherosclerotic plaque.


Allen J Taylor & Irwin M Feuerstein.

PART 5 Management.

21 New developments in treatment of vulnerable plaques.

Mohammad Madjid, Silvio Litovsky, James T Willerson& Samuel Ward Casscells.

22 Photodynamic therapy.

Ron Waksman & Pauline E McEwan.

23 Thermal stabilization of vulnerable plaques.

Samuel Ward Casscells, Birendra N Lal, Mohammad Madjid, Tarun Tewatia, Ibrahim Aboshady, Yong-Jian Geng & James T Willerson.

24 An interventionalist’s perspective.

Aloke V Finn, Ronald Waksman & Herman Gold.

25 Genetic modulation of vulnerable plaques.

Chunming Dong & Pascal J Goldschmidt-Clermont.


"This book is a credit to the authors. It is a comprehensive review of complex topic and I think it is worth every penny of the price. It is also worthy of a place on every cardiologist's bookshelf." (Cardiology News, October - November 2007)

"The authors and editors of this book have done a masterful job, creating a comprehensive, authoritative, and remarkably up-to-date work on the vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque. Anyone who wishes to become knowledgeable about the vulnerable plaque, or to review the important literature on the topic, need only read this one book . . . All of the chapters are well written, factual, loaded with information, well referenced, and beautifully illustrated with many high-quality images." (Dr. Michael Fishbein, New England Journal of Medicine, July 5, 2007)

  • Set to change the way Cardiologists look at the disease!
  • The simplicity of the language and extensive illustrations make it equally welcomed by interventionists, non-invasive cardiologists, cardiac pathologists, internal medicine and pathology residents and cardiology fellows
  • The respected editor team cover the spectrum of pathology, diagnosis and management of vulnerable plaque