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The Way of the Dog: The Art of Making Success Inevitable



The Way of the Dog: The Art of Making Success Inevitable

Geoff Burch

ISBN: 978-1-119-95008-0 June 2011 Capstone 170 Pages


The Way of the Dog is a self-help classic. It tells the story of failed salesman, Derek Stubbins, who wanders into a brothers Grimm nightmare and gets turned into a dog. He has to learn the way of the dog to get by. He has to develop the simple, clear way of thinking that a sheepdog has for its task. In doing so, he finds that he can achieve any goal he desires. It is the perfect pathway to success.

Why a dog? A dog has only two states of thought, which are happy, and waiting to be happy. When it has a task to do, it sees the beginning and the end. It doesn't become anxious or depressed at the size of the job, but just undertakes it and deals with obstacles as they come. It always succeeds.
Geoff Burch taps into the core of great personal development writing in The Way of the Dog. He focuses on the two big questions - what do you want to do with your life and how do you do it? By following the way of the dog, each obstacle in your path is dealt with unfailingly, one at a time. And if you don't know where you're going or what you need to make you happy, the sheepdog will show you how to recognise a sheep and not to waste time with goats. The Way of the Dog offers timeless, accessible, fast-paced, funny and memorable advice. Inspiring lifestyle wisdom is brought out through simple storytelling.

Plan your course through life and overcome every obstacle in your path by adopting The Way of the Dog's route map to success. Unlike the instructions in flat-pack furniture, anyone can understand it, it is easy to do, and the outcome will not be a surprise or a disappointment. The Way of the Dog contains the secrets of success.

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The Way of the Dog – The Story about the Story xi

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The Way of the Dog in a Nutshell 123

About the Author 127

"gives the reader useful tips about what to do with your life "(Daily Telegraph, April 16th 2005)

"Humourous, uplifting and full of sensible information, this book takes a sideways look at finding out what you want to do with your life and how to do it" ( - May 2005)

"will entertain, be thought-provoking and encourage us to stand back and look at life from a different angle" (News Letter Northern Ireland, May 31 2005)

"this delightful little book works on two levels" (Oxford Times, 27 May 05)

“…offbeat but very readable…a lesson in dogged determination…” (Business Life. July / August 2005)