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The Way the Modern World Works: World Hegemony to World Impasse

The Way the Modern World Works: World Hegemony to World Impasse

Peter J. Taylor

ISBN: 978-0-471-96586-2

Aug 1996

290 pages

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Is it America s historic destiny to be the last of the hegemons ? Hegemonic states are very special countries that have simultaneously dominated the world both economically and politically and it seems increasingly likely that no country can follow the USA in this role. In this intellectual and creative tour de force, Peter Taylor, famous as the creator of world-systems political geography, examines hegemony as a concept in social practices and by using the experience of the three classic hegemonies, 17th-century Holland, 19th-century Britain and 20th-century America to provide a breathtaking new perspective on world history, political ideas and the nature of modernity. Professor Taylor weaves a rich tapestry of historical insight with arresting detail and innovative synthesis to show how for each hegemon political and economic dominance led to cultural power which shaped the entire world system. But in a fin de siecle world with little prospect of a new hegemonic order, are we perhaps facing the end of the world as we know it? In this constantly challenging, intriguing and original book the reader will find a compelling, disturbing yet exhilarating distillation of history, politics, economics, culture and ideology of the last four centuries. It will be the key book for students of politics, geography and history and for the general reader who wants to understand where today s world has come from and where it is going.
World Hegemony.
Creating Modern Politics.
Universalism: What's Good for the Hegemon is Good for the World.
To See the Future: Emulation as the Sincerest Form of Flattery.
Post-Hegemonic Trauma.
World Impasse.