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The Ways We Think: From the Straits of Reason to the Possibilities of Thought



The Ways We Think: From the Straits of Reason to the Possibilities of Thought

Emma Williams

ISBN: 978-1-119-12956-1 February 2016 Wiley-Blackwell 272 Pages


The Ways We Think critiques predominant approaches to the development of thinking in education and seeks to offer a new account of thought informed by phenomenology, post-structuralism and the ‘ordinary language’ philosophical traditions.

  • Presents an original account of thinking for education and explores how this alternative conception of thought might be translated into the classroom
  • Explores connections between phenomenology, post-structuralism and ordinary language philosophical traditions
  • Examines the relevance of language in accounts of how we think
  • Investigates the philosophical accounts of Gilbert Ryle, Martin Heidegger, John Austin and Jacques Derrida
  • Draws upon experience of own teaching practice as philosopher-in-residence



Preface vii

Acknowledgements xi

1 Today’s Thinking: Following the Lines of Rationalism 1

2 A Brief Detour: ‘Authentic’ and ‘Poetic’ Thinking 42

3 ‘Ahead of All Beaten Tracks’: Ryle, Heidegger, and the Ways of Thinking 58

4 A Way Beyond: Thinking Responsibly with Heidegger 89

5 Following the Sign: Derrida and the Language of Thought 127

6 Out of the Ordinary: Incorporating Limits with Derrida and Austin 158

7 The Way Before the Way Before: Crossing Paths with Heidegger and Derrida 189

8 A Weaving of the Ways: The Open Possibilities of Thought 220

Bibliography 247

Index 253