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The Ways to New: 15 Paths to Disruptive Innovation

The Ways to New: 15 Paths to Disruptive Innovation

Jean-Marie Dru

ISBN: 978-1-119-16797-6 December 2015 208 Pages


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Break free and lead the market with the roadmap to Disruption

The Ways to New gives you a blueprint for innovation, helping you dig your organization out of the quicksand and get on the fast track to growth. Author Jean-Marie Dru is the originator the Disruption methodology, which he shares here; he is also an international authority on breaking the mold and leading the market, and this book is his guide to making it happen. Too many companies are too slow with innovation. They lag behind, creating at a snail's pace, and thus miss out on any kind of organic growth. They approach new ideas too conservatively, and focus innovation on products only—when there is a whole world out there waiting to be disrupted. This book shows you how to steer your organization toward continued innovation, creation, growth, and success, with 15 proven paths to disruption. Each is illustrated with case studies from companies like L'oreal, Procter & Gamble, and, to show you the glaring differences between disruption and stagnation.

We like to think that we live in a world where innovation happens at a staggering pace. The reality is that we don't, but that leaves an opening that your organization can fill if you're willing to break from the herd. This book shows you how start turning in a new direction, toward sustained, forward-thinking growth.

  • Foster organic growth within your organization
  • Become more proactive about innovation
  • Understand the famous "Disruption" methodology
  • Learn the specific, proven paths to disruption

Everyone loves to cite Apple, Google, and Amazon as proof of high-speed innovation. But companies like this represent only 20% of companies worldwide—the other 80% are still floundering and failing to move forward. The Ways to New gives you a roadmap to innovation, and the tools to make it work.

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Foreword Troy Ruhanen ix

Introduction Why Marketing Should Drive Innovation xi


Chapter 1 Disruption and the Innovation Deficit 3

Chapter 2 Disrupt the Way You Innovate 7

Chapter 3 Disruption in Practice 13


Chapter 4 Open Disruption 21

Chapter 5 Structural Disruption 29

Chapter 6 Asset-Based Disruption 41

Chapter 7 Reverse Disruption 47

Chapter 8 Sustainability-Driven Disruption 53

Chapter 9 Revival-Based Disruption 63

Chapter 10 Data-Driven Disruption 69

Chapter 11 Usage-Based Disruption 77

Chapter 12 Price-Led Disruption 83

Chapter 13 Added-Service Disruption 89

Chapter 14 Partnership-Led Disruption 97

Chapter 15 Brand-Led Disruption 103

Chapter 16 Insight-Driven Disruption 111

Chapter 17 Business Model Disruption 121

Chapter 18 Anticipation-Driven Disruption 131


Chapter 19 Disruption Strategy 141

Chapter 20 Disruption Live 149

Conclusion 157

Disruption What Ifs 161

Exhibits 165

Acknowledgments 175

References 177

Bibliography 189

Index 191