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The Wealthy World: The Growth and Implications of Global Prosperity

The Wealthy World: The Growth and Implications of Global Prosperity

John C. Edmunds

ISBN: 978-0-471-39077-0

Dec 2000

288 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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World wealth creation exceeded $2 trillion per month in 1999. The potential for world wealth might be as high as $500 trillion or $83,333 for each person on Earth. This rapid and increasing accumulation has the capacity to touch every aspect of economic development and exchange. The Wealthy World explains the reasons for this increase and its implications in a world whose financial systems are becoming increasingly unified. Written by an author with worldwide credentials, this fascinating book lays out a key component of the approaching world economy, including the impact of the global rise of technology and interconnectivity and the implications of these factors on global wealth.

The Trajectory and the Potential.

Buyers and Sellers.

Issuers Restrict Supply.

How Much Can a Stock Be Worth?

How Did the United States Become So Wealthy?

The Direct Route to Prosperity.

The Propagation Mechanism.

Multinational Companies as Issuers of Securities.

Tracking Ownership: Transparency, Sovereignty, and the Level Playing Field.

Nation-States Comes to Terms with the World Capital Market.

Potholes on the Road to Prosperity?

Conclusion: $1 Quadrillion Once Again.