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The West Antarctic Ice Sheet: Behavior and Environment

The West Antarctic Ice Sheet: Behavior and Environment

Richard B. Alley (Editor), Robert A. Bindschadle (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66832-0

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

296 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Antarctic Research Series, Volume 77.

The West Antarctic ice sheet is a superb recorder and cause of environmental change, with impacts that reach far beyond the Antarctic. Fortunately, fundamental advances in observing and interpreting in four dimensions are revolutionizing our ability to understand ice sheet flow related to external forcing and internal dynamics. In The West Antarctic Ice Sheet: Behavior and Environment, scientists, researchers, and students will find an invaluable resource on what changes in the ice sheet are possible, when they occur, and their implications for the environment.

R. B. Alley and R. A. Bindschadler xi

The West Antarctic Ice Sheet and Sea-level Change
R. B. Alley and R. A. Bindschadler 13


Morphology and Surface Characteristics of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet
Mark Fahnestock and Jonathan Bamber 13

The Lithospheric Setting of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet
I. W D. Dalziel and L. A. Lawyer 29


Evolution of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet
John B. Anderson and Stephanie S. Shipp 45

The Glacial GeologicT errestriaRl ecordf rom WestA ntarcticaW ith Emphasis on the Last Glacial Cycle
Harold W Borns, Jr. 59

West Antarctic Ice Sheet Elevation Changes
Eric  Steig, James L. Fastook, Christopher Zweck, Ian D. Goodwin, Kathy  Licht, James W C. White, and Robert P. Ackert, Jr. 75


The E1 Nifio-Southern Oscillation Modulation of West Antarctic Precipitation
David H. Bromwich and Aric N. Rogers 91

Geologic Controls on the Initiation of Rapid Basal Motion for West Antarctic Ice Streams:
A Geophysical Perspective Including New Airborne Radar Sounding and Laser Altimetry Results
D. D. Blankenship, D. L. Morse, C. A. Finn, R. E. Bell, M. E. Peters, S . D. Kernpf,
S. M. Hodge, M. Studingerd, C. Behrendt, and J. M. Brozena 105


Onset of Streaming Flow in the Siple Coast Region, West Antarctica
Robert Bindschadler, Jonathan Barnher, and Sridhar Anandakrishnan 123

Ice Stream Shear Margins
C. E Raymond, K. A. Echelmeyer, L.M. Whillans, and C. S. M. Doake 137

Basal Zone of the West Antarctic Ice Streams and its Role in Lubrication of Their Rapid Motion
Barclay Kamb 157

The Contribution of Numerical Modelling to our Understanding of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet
C. L. Hulbe and A.D. Payne 201

Case Studies

Rutford Ice Stream, Antarctica
C. S. M. Doake, H. Ed. Corr, A. Jenkins, K. Makinson, K. W. Nicholls, C. Nath, A.M. Smith, and D. G Vaughan 221

A Review of Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica:
Hypotheses of Instability vs. Observations of Change
David G. Vaughan, Andrew M. Smith, Hugh F. d. Corr, Adrian Jenkins, Charles R. Bentley,
Mark D. Stenoien, Stanley S. Jacobs, Thomas B . Kellogg, Eric Rignot, and Baerbel K. Lucchitta 237

Ice Streams B and C
L M. Whillans, C. R. Bentley, and C. d. van der Veen 257

The Flow Regimeo f Ice StreamC andH ypotheseCs oncerningit s RecentS tagnation
S. AnandakrishnanR, . B. Alley, R. W.J acobel,a nd H. Conway 283