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The Wiley Blackwell Companion to East and Inner Asian Buddhism



The Wiley Blackwell Companion to East and Inner Asian Buddhism

Mario Poceski (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-61035-0 February 2014 Wiley-Blackwell 552 Pages


The Wiley Blackwell Companion to East and Inner Asian Buddhism combines outstanding contributions covering Buddhism as it developed and is practiced in this region. These newly-commissioned essays provide fresh scholarly perspectives on a wide range of concepts, texts, and practices.

  • Offers a comprehensive and balanced survey of Buddhism within East and Central Asia, from the time of the Buddha through to the present day
  • Provides fresh perspectives on a wide range of concepts, texts, traditions, doctrines, practices, and institutions – on topics spanning gender roles, tantric rituals, and the spread of Zen into Europe
  • Brings together cutting-edge research by an interdisciplinary and international contributor team, including historians, literature scholars, and historians, as well as those from religious studies
  • Presents a panoramic view of the extraordinary richness and variety of local Buddhist expressions and practices within Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Tibetan, cultures

Notes on Contributors ix

Preface and Acknowledgments xiii

Introduction: Past and Present Intersections 1
Mario Poceski

Part I Patterns of Historical Growth 19

1 Buddhism in Central Asian History 21
Mariko Namba Walter

2 Buddhism in Chinese History 40
Mario Poceski

3 Buddhism in Korean History 63
Sem Vermeersch

4 Buddhism in Japanese History 84
Heather Blair

5 Buddhism in Tibetan History 104
James B. Apple

Part II Traditions and Doctrines 125

6 Tiantai Integrations of Doctrine and Practice 127
Haiyan Shen

7 Huayan Explorations of the Realm of Reality 145
Imre Hamar

8 Chan/Zen Conceptions of Orthodoxy 166
Albert Welter

9 Tibetan Formulations of the Tantric Path 185
David B. Gray

Part III Popular Practices 199

10 Pure Land Devotion in East Asia 201
Jimmy Yu

11 Bodhisattva Cults in Chinese Buddhism 221
Natasha Heller

12 Funerary Rituals in Japanese Buddhism 239
Nam-lin Hur

13 Pilgrimage in Japanese Buddhism 259
Hendrik van der Veere

14 Healing in Tibetan Buddhism 278
Geoffrey Samuel

Part IV Institutions and Interactions 297

15 East Asian Transformations of Monasticism 299
Huaiyu Chen

16 Nuns and Laywomen in East Asian Buddhism 318
Lori Meeks

17 Buddhist-Daoist Interactions in Medieval China 340
Livia Kohn

Part V Writings and Arts 361

18 The Chinese Buddhist Canon 363
Jiang Wu

19 The Tibetan Buddhist Canon 383
Phillip Stanley

20 Buddhism and Poetry in East Asia 408
Beata Grant

21 Buddhist Art and Architecture in East Asia 424
Michelle C. Wang

Part VI Buddhism in the Modern World 445

22 Buddhism in Modern Japan 447
Melissa Anne-Marie Curley

23 Buddhism in Modern Korea 466
Pori Park

24 Buddhism in Contemporary Europe 485
Inken Prohl

25 Buddhism in the Digital World 505
Morten Schlütter

Index 523

"Wonderfully curated and intelligently arranged, the volume brings together a number of renowned scholars whose original research contributions both sketch out salient features of text, practice, art, institution, and sect within the broad scope of the Buddhist tradition and which do so with careful attention to the current state of, and research trends within, the field of Buddhist studies." (Religious Studies Review 2016)