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The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Human Geography

John A. Agnew (Editor), James S. Duncan (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-39583-9 July 2011 Wiley-Blackwell 624 Pages

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This volume provides an up-to-date, authoritative synthesis of the discipline of human geography. Unparalleled in scope, the companion offers an indispensable overview to the field, representing both historical and contemporary perspectives.
  • Edited and written by the world's leading authorities in the discipline
  • Divided into three major sections: Foundations (the history of human geography from Ancient Greece to the late nineteenth century); The Classics (the roots of modern human geography); Contemporary Approaches (current issues and themes in human geography)
  • Each contemporary issue is examined by two contributors offering distinctive perspectives on the same theme
List of Illustrations.

Notes on Contributors.

1 Introduction (John A. Agnew and James S. Duncan).

Part I Foundations.

2 Where Geography Came From (Peter Burke for David Lowenthal).

3 Cosmographers, Explorers, Cartographers, Chorographers: Defi ning, Inscribing and Practicing Early Modern Geography, c.1450–1850 (Robert J. Mayhew).

4 Colonizing, Settling and the Origins of Academic Geography (Daniel Clayton).

Part II The Classics.

5 German Precursors and French Challengers (Vincent Berdoulay).

6 Creating Human Geography in the English-Speaking World (Ron Johnston).

7 Landscape Versus Region – Part I (Nicolas Howe).

8 Landscape Versus Region – Part II (Kent Mathewson).

9 From Region to Space – Part I (Trevor J. Barnes).

10 From Region to Space – Part II (Anssi Paasi).

Part III Contemporary Approaches.

11 Nature – Part I (Noel Castree).

12 Nature – Part II (Jamie Lorimer).

13 Landscape – Part I (Don Mitchell and Carrie Breitbach).

14 Landscape – Part II (Mitch Rose and John W. Wylie).

15 Place – Part I (Tim Cresswell).

16 Place – Part II (Steven Hoelscher).

17 Territory – Part I (Stuart Elden).

18 Territory – Part II (Jacques Lévy).

19 Globalization – Part I (Richard Florida).

20 Globalization – Part II (Emily Gilbert).

21 World Cities – Part I (Carolyn Cartier).

22 World Cities – Part II (Paul L. Knox).

23 Governance – Part I (Wendy Larner).

24 Governance – Part II (Stephen Legg).

25 Mobility – Part I (David Ley).

26 Mobility – Part II (George Revill).

27 Scale and Networks – Part I (Andrew E.G. Jonas).

28 Scales and Networks – Part II (John Paul Jones III, Sallie A. Marston, and Keith Woodward).

29 Class – Part I (Andrew Herod).

30 Class – Part II (Clive Barnett).

31 Race – Part I (Kay Anderson).

32 Race – Part II (Arun Saldanha).

33 Sexuality – Part I (Natalie Oswin).

34 Sexuality – Part II (Mary E. Thomas).

35 Gender – Part I (Michael Landzelius0.

36 Gender – Part II (Joanne P. Sharp).

37 Geopolitics – Part I (Phil Kelly).

38 Geopolitics – Part II (Merje Kuus).

39 Segregation – Part I (Larry S. Bourne and R. Alan Walks).

40 Segregation – Part II (Steve Herbert).

41 Development – Part I (Glyn Williams).

42 Development – Part II (Wendy Wolford).


“There is a small set of materials that I consider essential reading for all my graduate students who call themselves human geographers; this collection has now become one of them.”  (The AAG Review of Books, 10  January 2014)