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The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Latino/a Theology



The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Latino/a Theology

Orlando O. Espin (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-71865-0 August 2015 520 Pages


The first single volume reference work offering a comprehensive and ecumenical account, of the significant and fast-growing area of Latino theology, by a group of outstanding contributors

  • The first one volume reference work to provide a comprehensive and systematic survey of the past, present and future of Latino/a theology
  • The contributors represent the most influential voices in the field and comprise an ecumenical and broadly diverse community of scholars, including a large number of women
  • The essays provide unparalleled breadth and depth in the discussion of the key issues
  • Each chapter offers a review of existing literature and then proceeds to the author’s constructive contribution on her/his topic
  • The editor is a leading Latino theologian currently working and writing in the field

Notes on Contributors xi

Introduction 1
Orlando O. Espin

Part I Contexts 13

1 Lo Cotidiano as Locus Theologicus 15
Carmen M. Nanko-Fernandez

2 History and Latino/a Identity: Mapping a Past That Leads to Our Future 35
Daisy L. Machado

3 Sources and En Conjunto Methodologies of Latino/a Theologizing 53
Ruben Rosario-Rodriguez

4 The Ecumenical Narrative and the Latino/a Experience 71
Jose R. Irizarry

Part II Theologizing the Theological Tradition 89

5 Revelation 91
Efrain Agosto

6 The Bible and Latino/a Theology 111
Jean-Pierre Ruiz

7 The Latino/a Theology of God as the Future of Theodicy: A Proposal from the Dangerous Memory of the Latino/a Jesus 129
Sixto J. Garcia

8 Jesus the Christ 155
Neomi De Anda

9 Theological Musings toward a Latina/o Pneumatology 173
Nestor Medina

10 Catholic Ecclesiology 191
Gary Riebe-Estrella, SVD

11 Protestant Ecclesiology 199
Edwin David Aponte

12 Grace, Sin, and Salvation 215
Roberto S. Goizueta

13 Eschatology and Hope 231
Luis G. Pedraja

14 Latino/a Ethics 249
Maria Teresa Davila

15 Liturgies and Sacraments Latinamente 269
Eduardo Fernandez, SJ

Part III Theologizing Latino/a Realities 281

16 Mestizaje: The Latina/o Religious Imaginary in the North American Racial Crucible 283
Jorge A. Aquino

17 Theologizing Social and Economic Justice 313
Matilde Moros

18 Queer Theory and Latina/o Theologizing 329
Robyn Henderson-Espinoza

19 Feminist Theory and Latina Feminist/Mujerista Theologizing 347
Nancy Pineda-Madrid

20 Theologizing Immigration 365
Victor Carmona

21 Theologizing Popular Catholicism 387
Rebecca M. Berru-Davis

22 Theologizing Popular Protestantism 401
Edwin David Aponte

23 The Study of Spirituality 421
Gilberto Cavazos-Gonzalez, OFM

24 Latina/o Practical Theology: Reflections on Faith]Based Organizing as a Religious Practice 439
Altagracia Perez

25 Latino/a Religion and Politics 453
Elieser Valentin

26 Inter]Religious Dialogue: Why Should It Matter to Our Academic and Grassroots Communities? 475
Carlos F. Cardoza-Orlandi

Index 493